Cigar Review: Nub Cameroon

At first glance the Nub looks like something my grandfather would have in his mouth all day. The cigar comes in 3 variations (Nicaraguan Natural, Connecticut Natural, and Nicaraguan Cameroon) and four different sizes (ranging from 3.7″ to 4″). The cigar

The Nub Nicaraguan Cameroon

I smoked was the Nicaraguan Cameroon 464 (4″ x 64 ring), which usually is to thick of a ring gauge for me, but being it was a torpedo I had no problem with its girth. The cigar was nicely constructed with little to no oils visible on the wrapper but had a nice spongy feel to it from being properly maintained in a humidor.

I was informed by the salesperson that the idea behind this cigar was that every cigar has a sweet spot and that every cigar in this line was the sweet spot. All the excess tobacco not inside the sweet spot was trimmed away and not used in any way for the cigar. A great idea if you ask me even though the size was quite funny looking. In fact until I tried it I thought the cigar was pretty much a novelty.

It wasn’t until I decided to write this review that I found out the cigar is made by the Oliva Family, whom I must admit I am not a huge fan of their product. But with the help of one of their sales reps named Sam Leccia who worked with Jose Oliva they realized that this was a complex and hearty smoke that they had created. And the success isn’t new for Mr. Leccia who was also the partner of an award winning Vodka.

The wrapper of the Cameroon Nicaraguan 464 is grown in Cameroon, Africa and due to the size of the cigar I thought it would smoke very hot. In fact I thought it would be too hot to enjoy. But the cigar proved that one can not judge based upon looks. A rich wonderful taste enveloped my palate. The hints of cedar and a glorious coffee taste remained for the 1 hour it took to smoke this beauty. So far this is the best cigar I have smoked in 2008, and quite possibly it will fall into my top 10 of all time.

Cost (At point of purchase): $4.75
Rating: 89/100