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Cigar Bomb

So I became a member of a website called I found out about the place after attending a Nub event. Anyway, one of the traditions there is to bomb people. So I got my first bomb in the mail from a user named Cypress. The great thing about bombing, is other then the Punch [...]

RSS Feed

I am about to head out of work, and smoke a cigar. However, before I do that someone asked me if I could create a RSS feed for my blog. I appreciate the compliment that someone thought enough of my writing to want to keep track of what I had to say. Over the last [...]

Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Work Of Art Maduro

I bought a few of these last weekend, and I did not plan on smoking them for a while, but this morning when my friend gave me one as a gift I took the time to light one up to start my Memorial Day weekend on the right foot. Prelight: Upon taking the cigar out [...]

What an expensive week….

What an expensive week. I promised myself the last 7 days and the next 5 days I would not spend any money what so ever. From time to time I go on spending spree’s and the one week I could not afford to do so I did. I lost one of my 3 jobs this [...]

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