Cigar Review: Padron Principe 1964

Before I begin let me say this cigar is considered to be my personal all time favorite cigar. In my mind there is no better cigar on the market today.

So with the break in the heat wave, and the temperature at 6:45 am being 78 degrees I placed this baby in my shirt pocket and headed over to my smoking spot. It’s getting to be a ritual for me, which I like. So with the birds chirping and showing their first signs of life in a few days I clipped this baby by doing a no-no. I couldn’t find my cutter and I capped it with my teeth. I got just the cap and it was cleaner then most cuts so I was happy that I didn’t ruin the cigar by going old school.

Pre-light: The pre-light draw was smooth and clean as always with this cigar. I believe the cigar had been sitting in my humidor for about 2 months. The draw was full of cedar and what tasted like vanilla to me. The cigar had no imperfections and was begging to be smoked.

Smoke: With the early morning joggers and dog-walkers passing me by, and the occasional distant rumble of a jet taking off for destinations unknown, I struck the match and gently drew the flame to my smoke of the day. The light was quick, and clean. A perfect burn was beginning and I was able to sense from the get go that this cigar would be a finger burner.

As I smoked the first third of the cigar flavors of cocoa and a light pepper enveloped my palate with each draw. The smoke was smooth and creamy. As I enjoyed this smoke I looked out to the empty beach which would soon be filled with the sun worshipers. Finches landed on the ground searching for their morning breakfast. Squirrels hopped along the concrete with one stopping along side my car looking up at me. He was soon joined by another, and for a second I wish I could talk to the animals ala Dr. Doolittle as I am sure they had many stories to tell.

The cigar had a nice tight white ash as I reached the second third of the cigar. The cocoa remained and the light pepper was replaced by a nuttiness which suits my personality at times. The final part of the cigar, which I smoked til it burned my fingers was a little bit peppery, but not much. The flavors remained, and the cigar did not get hot to the touch. The cigar remained lit throughout, and had no burn issues what so ever.

Afterwards I was relaxed and fulfilled. The cigar quenched my desire for a morning smoke, and its creaminess remains with me more then an hour after the smoke is finished. I am relax, and calm and looking forward to the day ahead.

Price: $10.50
Rating: 100 (Out of 100)

Just a little note on the rating. This is my favorite cigar, and if the cigar does not get a perfect score when it is my favorite, what would. In reality the cigar would get a 94-96. But for me there is none better, so it deserves perfection, for that is what the cigar is.