Review: CAO L’Anniversaire Maduro (10th Anniversary)

The Skinny:

Cigar: CAO L’Anniversaire 10th Anniversary Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 6″ x 60
Shape: Perfecto
Wrapper: Triple Fermented Connecticut Broadleaf
Fillers: Ecuadorian, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers

Before I start this review I need to get into some background of the day at hand. It was Sunday 6/22/08 and I had declared the day as a no smoke day. A chance to rest my palate, and if I smoke to often my asthma kicks in.  Then the Yankee game went into a rain delay and the days plans changed. Not wanting to sit at home and wait for the rain to stop, I headed over to the beach with this cigar.

I live about 10 miles south of Yankee Stadium and when I walked out of my house it was the total opposite of what was happening at the stadium. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and it was pretty damn hot. So I made the 1 mile drive to the beach, and again there was a totally different weather system. At the beach it was overcast, the winds were at 15mph gusting to 25mph and it was 10 degrees cooler then my house 1 mile away according to the temperature readout on my car.

So as I was smoking my cigar there was a seagull circling the area with something between its beak. As it circled higher and higher it released the object and with a loud cracking sound I realized the seagul dropped a crab. With the crabs shell cracked the seagull feasted on his dinner. The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

Pre-Light: So with my cigar in hand I began my pre-light inspection. I could instantly tell via the weight of the cigar that it was not packed. There were a lot of pockets in the cigars and I knew right then and there it would be a fast smoke or perhaps one with burn issues. The scent of the wrapper was that of cocoa and spice. The pre-light draw was easy with hits of cocoa and tea. Since this was a perfecto I used my Colibri straight cutter on the cap.

Smoke: Luckily I found my cigar lighter burried in the seam of the passanger seat. With the wind conditions at my location I would of never gotten this baby lit with matches. As I smoked the cigar it started as a medium bodied cigar, slowly working its way into that of a full bodied cigar. You could sense the change as you smoked it, which was a nice. A gradual build up is better then a full out onslaught. The cigar started out with traces of cocoa, which quickly faded. The cigar was sweet with wood tones and rich dark chocolate. I did have some burn issues, but I will chalk it up to the windy conditions in which I was smoking.

Overall: The cigar was loosely packed with tobacco and I am sure despite the wind it might of contributed to some burn issues. It is something I would smoke again though as it was enjoyable.

Local Price: $9.00
Rating: 89 (Out of 100)