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Review: Black Pearl Morado

Today’s cigar was turned on to me by someone from the country club I visit in South Jersey from time to time. While I am not a member I sometimes attend with friends who are and sit on the deck while smoking stogies overlooking the golf course. It makes for a nice relaxing day. About [...]

Review: CAO LX2

It’s been too long between reviews and for that I apologize. The last few days I have had to start work early, do car repairs and one day I just didn’t want to wake up. Unless I smoke in the AM or early evening in seclusion I won’t do a review so I had to [...]

Review: RoxoR deluxe

Today’s smoke was gifted to me by someone who was at the trade show in Las Vegas. Whit it is a cigar that I have never smoked before, it was still a gift. Since he had two of these and since I have been trying to teach my buddy Sonny how to identify and taste [...]

Review: Gurkha Centurian

[I managed to get my hands on a CAO LX 2 today and once it sits in my humidor for a few days I will smoke it and post the review. One of my most eagerly awaited smokes] One drawback of writing this blog is that my monthly cigar budget has gone through the roof. [...]

Review: Padron 1926 Serie #35

The heat in New York City has been unbearable as of late with afternoon temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 90s even by the water where it is supposed to be cooler. This excessive heat has cut into my review time as I will not review a cigar unless I am in seclusion from [...]

Newman & Fuente Families

The reviews will continue in the next 18 hours with a Padron Serie 1926 but in keeping with the theme of patting myself on the back, I just wanted to share that I was recognized by the Fuente and Newman family so I tip my cap to them and say thank you….. Barry, I am [...]

Smoke Off!]

The World According to Stew and I have developed a nice on-line friendship over our love of cigars. He recently suggested we do a Smoke Off review of a cigar of his choosing. While our tastes differed on the cigar, our conclusion was the same… Check out the review on his blog by going here. [...]

Review: Illusione 68 (Bombone)

Yesterday I was hanging out with some friends at the Elks in NJ smoking some cigars, slamming back a few drinks when someone brought up I watch the Tour De France. Well I got a lot of abuse for watching the “Tour De Fag”. Say what you want about the French, but the countryside is [...]

Altadis USA

This afternoon I got an email from the marketing department over at Altadis USA the people behind brands such as Romeo Y Julieta, Por Larranga, Don Diego, Gispert, Trinidad and Montecristo. To quote the email, My name is (removed for privacy) and I work with Altadis USA (makers of Montecristo and other great cigars) on [...]

Review: Asthon ESG (Estate Sun Grown)

Having stayed up late last night to watch the All-Star game it was with amazing that I woke up at 5am today. With just a little bit of sleep after one of the better games in memory of the mid-summer classic in the final year of the greatest baseball venue I decided to go out [...]

Review: Alec Bradley Maxx

One cigar that seems to be getting a lot of hype lately is the Alec Bradley Tempus, but I could not find the cigar local in New York City no matter how much I searched for it. I looked high and low, and even ventured into parts of New Jersey looking to obtain that cigar [...]

Review: Tatuaje Exclusivo Lado Occidental

Having just returned from Portsmouth for a little 4 day getaway I had a package waiting for me from a member of Over at it is a membership of people who love cigars. It’s a nice little community where some customs are observed. Two of them are cigar passes, and cigar  bombs. A [...]

Review: ITC 10th Anniversary

Greetings from beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I decided to get away for a few days and enjoy life. So I currently sit on a balcony overlooking the water and I decided to get one more review up since I will not have a chance to write for a few days while I do the tourist [...]

Review: Reyes Family Premier

About 2 weeks ago I received the Reyes Family Premier from Frank Santos of Reyes Family Cigars to review, with a killer looking t-shirt. Being that I had a funny story attached to Puros Indios Cigars which Reyes used to be known as I was really looking forward to reviewing this cigar. A few years [...]

Review: Lars Tetens Abanci

This past weekend Barrister Cigars in NJ once again had another cigar event. This one was tied into the 1st annual 4th Of July Weekend BBQ that consisted of Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Ribs and Lars Tetens. Prior to the event a few people told me I would not like any of the cigars as [...]

Review: Carlos Torano Signature

Last week I was lucky enough to run into the rep from CAO at a local event. Him and I got to talking about my website before he had to attend to his duties but before the night was over we crossed paths once again. When he returned he complemented me on how well the [...]

Review: Sol Cubano Artisan

As a member of the Elks one of the things I look forward to every summer is the opening of the tiki bar. To be outside, with drinks flowing, and good friends is a great way to smoke a cigar. One of my friends at my lodge is a fellow cigar smoker, and Dennis and [...]

Review: Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 (The Shark)

One would expect July to bring heat and humidity to NYC, but not last night. I broke from my normal routine and after dinner I headed to my spot to smoke. It was a beatiful 72 degrees, with a soft breeze. The ocean seemed higher then normal, I guess the tide at night is different [...]

Review: Rocky Patel Edge Maduro

I remember when the Edge first came on the market, the cigar store I managed could not keep them in stock. Back then they were without a band and without a cello. They would come in boxes of 100 and we would sell out of about 5-7 boxes a week. It was incredible the buzz [...]

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