Review: Rocky Patel Edge Maduro

RP Edge maduroI remember when the Edge first came on the market, the cigar store I managed could not keep them in stock. Back then they were without a band and without a cello. They would come in boxes of 100 and we would sell out of about 5-7 boxes a week. It was incredible the buzz this cigar got. The question I always had, would they be able to keep the quality up with that type of mass production. The answer to me is they haven’t at least on the maduro smoke.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Rocky Patel Edge Maduro
Origin: Honduras
Size: Toro 6 x 52
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Nicaragua, Panama

Pre-Light: This is the second cigar in a row that I was unable to pull a scent from the wrapper, while from the foot the smell was of light pepper which put me into a sneezing fit. The wrapper itself was a dark maduro, that was a little veiny but glistening with oils. The draw which had a sweetness to it, was firm.

Smoke: As I clipped this cigar with my V Cut it began to rain, and the mass exodus from the beach streamed past my car.  So with my cigar clipper, I lit up. The flavors were consistent all the way through of spices, light pepper and some wood. The ash was a tad bit flaky, although there were no burn issues.

Overall: This cigar missed for me. I can’t put my fingers on it what was missing, but it was not the same Edge that came on the market years ago. There was no desire to go back and get more, there was no desire to tell all my friends. It was just your average run of the mill premium cigar.

My Local Price: $6.50
Rating: 86 (Out of 100)

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  • DK

    I actually like this stick. I got a few for the guys Sunday. They all seemed to be pleased. The only bad comment about it was the crazy way it burned. It left a palm tree like trunk of ash.

  • Gary

    I have had a few boxes of these delicious cigars and always age them at least 6 months before smoking and it is always a crowd pleaser when I give them out to friends for bombs. This is a cigar that always gets better with some age to it,,,try another one after a few months in the humidor, Barry, and give another review.

  • Barry

    I will revisit it in 2009.

  • Moby

    A favorite of mine – more true of the past than currently. It seems that over time, these have become less appealing…

  • rocky

    thanks very much, I am obliged to say your blog is brilliant!

  • John

    This is my all time fave cigar. Once in a while you get one that doesn’t display the coffee mocha like flavor early enough in the smoke. But it’s rare that you don’t get it, it balances out the stick a great deal. Usually 2 in a box are lacking the full flavor of the smoke. Not bad odds.

  • Joe Ackerman

    I purchased a box of the Edge maduro and smoked 3 of them and all 3 burned poorly. I exchanged the box and the 2 I smoked burned poorly also.. I would not buy the maduro until the the burn problem is fixed. Repeatedly relighting the cigar ruins the cigar

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