Review: Sol Cubano Artisan

ArtisanAs a member of the Elks one of the things I look forward to every summer is the opening of the tiki bar. To be outside, with drinks flowing, and good friends is a great way to smoke a cigar. One of my friends at my lodge is a fellow cigar smoker, and Dennis and I play a game of one upmanship when it comes to cigars. He tries to give me a cigar that he thinks I have never smoked, and in turn I do the same for him.  Two weeks ago he gave me the Sol Cubano Artisan.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Sol Cubano Artisan
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 7.1 x 58
Wrapper: Connecticut, Habano and Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua

Pre-Light: At first glance this looks like a beautiful cigar, but at closer inspection you can see the leaves aren’t cut clean, and the maduro striping is just added to the outside of the cigar, and it peels very easily. In fact if you look at the picture you can see that it is missing on half of my cigar. When I saw these cigars sell for $20.00 I was shocked at the poor craftsmanship. The scent of the wrapper was very field like, I would liken it to the scent of straw/hay while at the foot there is some pepper added to the hay. The cigar itself was packed with tobacco and felt great to the touch.  On the draw I got some notes that I never got before, and I liken it to fermented wine. It was not pretty.

Smoke: I was ready to put this cigar down a couple of times, but I wound up sticking with it fro the sake of the review. I picked up notes of leather and earth, with some pepper thrown in. It was quite bitter at times, and it just did not work for me. On top of that the cigar needed to be touched up numerous times.

Overall: This cigar is not worth the price in my eyes and was very disappointing. The notes of leather, earth, and pepper create a very bitter combination, and if you do decide to smoke one make sure you have some water handy.

My Local Price: Gift (Retails for about $20.00)
Rating: 84 (Out of 100)

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  • http:// Stew

    Thanks for the heads up on this one! seems to rave about it!

  • Marco

    Could it be because it is a house brand for CI and Also, the Sol Cubano Cabinets are bland, bland, bland nothing like the Sol Cubanos that Oliva makes

  • TriMarkC

    I guess I wont be trying this cigar – your description sounds like it tasted terrible, especially for the price! Thanks!

  • GT_Dan

    I just received a five-pack sampler of these as a gift…I’m seeing very mixed reviews on these, so I’m not sure what to expect.

  • Barry

    GT, Let us know what you think…

  • GT_Dan

    All five that I received were very well constructed – I’ve heard from numerous places that their’s were cracking/peeling, etc. – but I had no such problem with mine. The cigar had a very interesting woody, peppery flavor to it – very different than what I expected – and was a bit much at first. But it soon evened and became a unique sweet and peppery flavor. Didn’t pack a lot of punch, but the unique flavor was an unexpected surprise. I didn’t have to touch it up at all, it burned evenly and smoothly and overall was a nice smoke. I enjoyed this cigar, but I’m not sure it’s worth the $20 you see it going for. I’d gladly buy this cigar if I could get it for $10ish a stick. I left mine sit for about a week in the humi before lighting it up and will smoke another after it’s sat there for a few months.

  • mnick

    I haven’t been smoking for very long but have had quite a few different cigars and I could not disagree stonger the Artisan is one of my “goto” smokes when I want a satisfying and enjoyable good tasteing cigar. I leave ‘em alone for about two weeks in the humi then fire it up. I have never had one even look remotely close to the one pictured here all the ones I have the wrapper is more unifide and never has cracks or pealed and above all I pay $7.50 a stick. hope you give it another try.
    my smoke theory = try it once if I don’t like it, try it again, if I still don’t care for it I give it a rest in the humi for a while and try it one more time at a later date , ya know three strikes, and your out!

  • Barry

    The artisan only comes in barber pole wrapper. The regular Sol Cubano lines come otherwise. There are cigars for everyone, but not everyone likes the same cigar. long ashes!

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