Review: Lars Tetens Abanci

This past weekend Barrister Cigars in NJ once again had another cigar event. This one was tied into the 1st annual 4th Of July Weekend BBQ that consisted of Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Ribs and Lars Tetens. Prior to the event a few people told me I would not like any of the cigars as they are similar to infused cigars, something which I have little tolerance for. In my 10 years of smoking cigars, there was only one cigar that would fit that category that I could tolerate.

As it approached on 4pm Travis & Musashi from Lars Tetens rolled on in and I introduced myself to them informing them about my website, while trying to find any reason to talk to the beautiful Musashi. I figured I would keep an open mind as she explained to me the difference between infused cigars and the process they use for their aromatic cigars. When it came down to it, it sounded similar to me, but I will take her word on them being different.

I bought a couple of cigars one of them being the Abanci, and I made a comment on the notes I picked up and she had me hooked when she complimented my fine palate. While not being able to disclose how there cigars come to be, she said I wasn’t far off with a wink. In fact she asked me at that point to do a quick video review for so not passing up on the chance to move to a quieter part of the store with her, I could not turn her down. Shortly thereafter she was good enough to take a picture with me, and with Travis (I forgot he was there!) and the owner of Barrister. The photos are in the picture section… Anyway without further adieu on to the review!

The Skinny:

Cigar: Lars Tetens Abanci
Origin: No Data
Size: Torpedo 6 x 50
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: No Data
Filler: Mexico

Pre-Light: I was impressed with the construction of this cigar it was well rolled, firm but not tight. The cigars was oozing oils, but that is case with most aromatic cigars.  The cigar had a sweet smell both off the wrapper, and off the foot. The draw was with little resistance. So far not a bad start.

Smoke: When I first began to toast this cigar I had a little dread in the back of my mind. Would I wind up hating it right off the bat or would I just cope with it to deal with it not to insult. Well, the answer was neither actually. The cigar right away reminded me of Cognac. But not your run of the mill cognac. It reminded me of a high end Louis The XIII cognac. The burn was great, the ash was tight, and medium gray. It was enjoyable. There were times when I questioned if I was getting notes of brandy, but I will stay with cognac.

Overall: This cigar is not for everyone. Although I am not a fan of infused, aromatic or flavoured cigars I was able to enjoy this to the label. I could see even smoking them on occasion throughout the years. Lars has a winner with this cigar, considering it is an aromatic cigar and I rate it as such. While it might seem pricey I have seen other cognac cigars selling for more. The notes were of cognac, perhaps brandy and a little chocolate. I often wonder why the makers of aromatic and infused cigars don’t get into the pipe tobacco game.

My Local Price: 14.00
Rating: 87 (Out of 100)

Ed. Note: This cigar is reviewed as an aromatic cigar and rated as such. It is not meant to be compared to non-aromatic ratings.