Review: Alec Bradley Maxx

One cigar that seems to be getting a lot of hype lately is the Alec Bradley Tempus, but I could not find the cigar local in New York City no matter how much I searched for it. I looked high and low, and even ventured into parts of New Jersey looking to obtain that cigar for review. (If anyone from Alec Bradley reads this and wants to send me one, contact me please!) The only cigar I came across was the Alex Bradley Maxx which in the past I have avoided because the label did not grab my attention. I will admit I am a label guy, it takes something to catch my eye to try a new stick.

I caved in though and bought 2 Alec Bradley Maxx cigars to try. I smoked one this past weekend in a casual setting, and enjoyed it enough to smoke in my review frame of mind. So as usual, with the cigar in pocket I decided to head my spot to smoke. The temperatures are heating up in New York so I enjoyed this cigar with plenty of eye candy heading to the beach to enhance my smoking experience.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Alec Bradley Maxx
Size: The Fix 5 x 58
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras

Pre-Light: This cigar has a nice color to the wrapper, with plenty of oils showing. There are some excessive veins showing, but the roll was firm, with no soft spots other then just below the cap. The scent of the wrapper was a little sweet and perhaps nutty. While on the foot there were notes of pepper on toast. I clipped the cigar with a v-cut and was treated to the taste of burnt toast on the draw. Despite the sound of it, it was a welcomed taste.

Smoke: The cigar lit pretty easily, and burned very well. At one point I thought I would need to perform a slight touch up, but it corrected itself after I lost the ash by choice. The ash was a medium grey in color and was pretty stable. The initial third of the cigar I picked up notes of toast. By the time I reached the 2nd third of the cigar the toast was gone and replaced by notes of nuts and coffee. As I reached the final third of the cigar, the coffee became slightly bitter for a few draws but remained enjoyable throughout.

Overall: If your into the more traditional sizes this cigar might be a little annoying to you, however I noticed on the website that there are now more traditional sizes of the Maxx available. It’s big ring added to the duration of the smoke coming in at just over 90 minutes. The cigar was bordering on full bodied but at times I considered labeling it as medium bodied. Overall it was an enjoyable smoke.

My Local Price: $5.75
Rating: 88 (Out of 100)

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  • Matthew

    Glad you reviewed this stick Barry. My buddy just ordered a 5 pack of The Fix and gave me 1. I’m going to let it set up for a month or so and then give it a smoke.

    I’m headed to the beach for the weekend and trying to decide what to take or pick up there. I’m hoping for a creamy mild-medium for the afternoon (I’ve had a Montecristo White in the humi for about 6 months so I may take this) and maybe a more flavorful stick for an evening smoke. Any suggestions?


  • Barry

    If you can come across a Rocky Patel Summer, I think that is the best summer cigar.
    Otherwise other recommendations:

    Padron Principe
    Perdoma Habana

  • Lee

    I enjoyed the review on the Maxx its one I have not had. I currently have a few Tempus torpedos in the humidor if you care to give one a try. I would also reccomend the 97 harvest Alec Bradley for a great value at around 2 bucks a stick. The frustrating thing about these wonderful smokes is that they are so difficult to find. I have finally found a decent source might have to keep it to myself. hahah LT

  • flashy Mc loop

    best article I read about this yet!

  • Sticks

    I really enjoyed this cigar and the ring size didn’t bother me at all. I thought this was well crafted and it had lots of great flavor.

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