Altadis USA

This afternoon I got an email from the marketing department over at Altadis USA the people behind brands such as Romeo Y Julieta, Por Larranga, Don Diego, Gispert, Trinidad and Montecristo. To quote the email,

My name is (removed for privacy) and I work with Altadis USA (makers of Montecristo and other great cigars) on a program where selected consumers are designated as Altadis Cigar VIPs.  These smokers receive our newsletter and a monthly mailing where we provide a sampler of our premium cigars.  Cigar VIPs can also order free premium cigars when they throw a herf.

I was recently given your name by the marketing department at Altadis and they thought you might make a great addition to this program.  If you are interested please complete and email back to me the attached questionnaire.  I look forward to hearing from you.

So I completed the form and was approved and welcomed into the program. Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized. So my fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf, I thank you for your readership and your support.