Review: Illusione 68 (Bombone)


Yesterday I was hanging out with some friends at the Elks in NJ smoking some cigars, slamming back a few drinks when someone brought up I watch the Tour De France. Well I got a lot of abuse for watching the “Tour De Fag”. Say what you want about the French, but the countryside is beautiful and it’s just an interesting event to watch. I try to watch it on a regular basis when I can. It’s no worse then people watching Track & Field events in my eyes..

Anyway today’s cigar the Illusione is another cigar with tremendous buzz. At the IPCPR (Formerly the RTDA) the lines at the booth for this cigar company on Monday and Tuesday were so crazy, that come Wednesday they had signs up stating, “SOLD OUT”. Rumor has it that all the cigars they have are now spoken about for the rest of the year. So if your looking to buy them, get them when you see them because there won’t be any more orders filled the remainder of the year unless they were gotten at the trade show.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Illusione
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: Bombone 4×44 (Petit Corona)
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Cafe Colorado wrapper)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua (Ligero)

Pre-Light: This beautiful Colorado wrapper was full of oil with virtually no veins in sight. Yet another cigar that looks like a cuban right down to its triple cap. The cigar was tightly packed, well balanced and felt great. The scent off the wrapper was a sweet combination of caramel and chocolate. While the foot offered some hints of cherry. The draw was a combination of both.

Smoke: Due to the size of this cigar I won’t break it down in thirds, this was one rich cigar that was full of flavor. After an initial burst of pepper is settled down to notes of chocolate in the foreground with subtleties of cherry and caramel in the background. A truly unique taste that left me salivating. The burn, perfect. I could of kept the ash if I chose for the whole cigar, but at the half way point I ashed as well as just before I put it down I ashed a second time. An amazingly well constructed cigar.

Overall: This was one cigar I wish was an “A” size. The cigar is very full bodied, but even on an empty stomach I was able to enjoy it. As I smoked it at 10:30am I was left craving a steak. The next Illusione that comes out of my humidor will follow a nice juicy medium rare steak. I wish I could find a local B & M that had these in stock or let alone heard of them. A totally incredible smoke.

My Local Price: (Online: $5.40)
Rating: 92 (Out of 100)