Review: Gurkha Centurian

[I managed to get my hands on a CAO LX 2 today and once it sits in my humidor for a few days I will smoke it and post the review. One of my most eagerly awaited smokes]

One drawback of writing this blog is that my monthly cigar budget has gone through the roof. So it is nice when my brothers and sisters of the leaf gift me cigars. This particular cigar was gifted to me from an Elk in Toms River. So Dennis I thank you for your generosity it is always appreciated and your suggestions for the website, such as the Cigar FAQ are always welcome.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Gurkha Centurain
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 6 x 60 Double Perfecto
Wrapper: Connecticut (USA/Maduro)
Binder: Dominican Republic

Pre-Light: For a change I was able to smoke in relative comfort for the first time in 9 days. The heatwave broke and by the beach today it was overcast, breezy, and quiet. Ideal conditions to enjoy a cigar, or so I thought.  The color of this cigar is very chocolaty. It has some prominent veins although the roll was nice, and the cigar itself was packed with tobacco leaving it firm to the touch with no soft spots. The notes of the wrapper were not very friendly as the scent was that of low tide despite that not being the case by the water. I felt as if I was passing a fish store. The pre-light draw was difficult so I opened the pre-cut end by another 1/8th of an inch which increased the draw dramatically.  This perfecto was easy to light and opened up beautifully.

Smoke: Thankfully when I smoked this cigar the pre-light scent of the wrapper was non-existent in the smoke. The smoke it self has notes of leather throughout. Mixed intermittently throughout the smoke were notes of spice, nutmeg, and coffee grinds.

Overall: Despite the scent off the wrapper the cigar was not horrible, but it was not enjoyable for me. I tend not to like cigars that have a strong leather notes to them which was the case here.

My Local Price: Gift
Rating: 84 (Out of 100)

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  • Rick G.

    I went to my uncle’s 50th birthday at Rasputin, the Russian cabaret restaurant in Brooklyn. His wife closed out the entire venue for his unforgettable private celebration. As a gift to all the gentlemen, our host gave us Gurkha Centurians. All the guys couldn’t wait to try the cigars…so we went outside the restaurant. After our smoke, we went back inside for Lamb Chops, French Fries, and some dancing with our wives!

  • DK

    Interesting… I was pretty close to picking one of these up for the weekend. Some of the podcasts seem to drool over anything Gurkha. I don’t know if I could get over the wrapper scent. Thanks for the heads up.

  • LC

    I just got 10 of these today. They said it’s a $30 cigar. Cigarintl gave it a 94 rating. BS I will only give it a 80. I can’t believe they will market this for that much. I am smoking my first one as we speak. The cigar is rolled up nice. The taste is mild and smooth until you get to the middle then it changes to spicy woody and a little on the nasty side. It leaves a ruff texture feeling on my tongue. I got these on cbid for around $5 each. If you compare this to a La Aurora Preferidos at $10-$15 each. You will hate this cigar as I am doing now! I was going to give some out to my friend, so they can enjoy a $30 cigar. But, now I am so ashamed of it and it will stay in my humidor for a long time. Even a Graycliff 1666 is better then this and those are at $5 a cigar….Oh, matter of fact, I know a 5 Vega Classic is better then this cigar and that is a $2-3 cigar. I will never buy Gurkha again. No wonder why they sell it for so cheap and say is MSRP $30. They mess up and want to get rid of it as fast as they can. I felt like I got rip off by cbid and cigarintl.

  • Raffi A

    Thanks for the review and thanks LC for leaving your comment. I was kind of excited to buy some off CI’s website earlier this morning, but I’m glad I found this review first. Eventhough they MSRP @ $30/stick, CI’s currently offering them for a lot less as a 5 pack, which doesn’t sound bad, but as LC mentioned, there is a good reason. And I made the same mistake in the past with another high MSRP Graycliff Professionale, which surprisingly CI is currently inluding with their option 5 pack centurians. Go figure. I’m not trying to bash CI, I recommend most people to shop there and they blow prices away compared to your average cigar shop. For the most part CI and other sites discounts some great quality cigars, but you have to be aware sometimes. Sometimes the same brand cigars taste different, my guess is they’re new season batches that don’t live up to their former blends, and these internet merchants are buying them cheap. Ditto on 5 Vegas Classic ;)

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  • Jay Manges

    I guess it just comes down to what you like. As for me, I was really excited when I got my hands on a Gurkha Centurian. After sitting in the humidor for a couple weeks, I packed it along with some other smokes in my travel humidor and took off with the girlfriend on a camping trip to Yosemite. My expectations for this cigar were sky high so I waited for the perfect night. Finally, I lit up the Centurian while sitting by the campfire and drinking Jim Beam. Like it says in the review, it drew hard at first but after an additional snip, it opened up and smoked beautifully. To me, the flavor of the cigar was exquisite! Though I am not savy enough to speak of woody, leathery, or spicey notes, I do know what I like. One thing I do like is when something feels sturdy in my hands like a quality tool or heavy eating utensil. In addition to the quality taste, I really enjoyed the heft and feel of the Gurkha Centurian in my hand; it just felt right and and was so good, I darn near needed a roach clip to finish it off. Worth $30??? Certainly not. To me there is only one cigar that I would ever consider paying that much for and that would be a Cuban Montecristo #2. However, in terms of pure enjoyment, I would have to rank smoking the Gurkha Centurian in Yosemite second next to smoking a Montecristo #2 one night in the Bahamas. To me, that is the essance of cigar smoking–good times and good memories.

  • niw tes

    Wow, I just went to my humidor, grabbed a couple centurions and I smell no fish notes on the wrapper.

  • Mike

    Yeah, no fish smell what-so-ever.  Were you at a beach in New Jersey per chance?  

  • acigarsmoker

     LoL! Mike, that was a review from Barry from 2008. He could have been in Jersey and who knows what the smell was when the stick arrived! Barry was not a Gurkha fan and Peter and I have liked some Gurkha sticks that we have had recently. We will be doing some Gurkha reviews soon. Thanks for your comments, we hope you enjoy the blog! Are you following us on Twitter? @acigarsmoker:disqus    -Kevin

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