Review: RoxoR deluxe

Today’s smoke was gifted to me by someone who was at the trade show in Las Vegas. Whit it is a cigar that I have never smoked before, it was still a gift. Since he had two of these and since I have been trying to teach my buddy Sonny how to identify and taste the subtleties of notes that cigars we both decided to go live with his abilities and do a joint review of this cigar.

I was pretty surprised how far my student has come. We took our notes separately and did not compare them until the smoke was over. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Roxio Deluxe
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 5 x 54 Robusto
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua

The Pre-Light Ritual



I used a straight cut on this cigar and on the wrapper I picked up notes of molasses, cherry, and cocoa. At the foot I got Hay and Straw. The pre-light draw gave me some molasses.

The cigar it self was nicely rolled and nice in color, despite being unheard of this cigar looked really nice. While some veins were visible, it did have a nice amount of oils.

For me on the wrapper I picked up mostly cherry, while at the foot there was a sweetness I could not quite place. The pre-light draw was smooth I picked up notes of cocoa and some molasses.

The cigar looked well rolled and was packed with tobacco.

The Smoke



This cigar definitely had some changes while I smoked it. After lighting it with a cedar strip I picked up notes of pepper, sweet spices and nutmeg on the first 1/3rd. The second 1/3rd for me the cigar went a little flat but there were subtle notes of coffee and nutmeg. While the final third for me became a little bitter with notes of bitter coffee. The most amazing thing about this smoke was the ash and burn line. Both were perfect.

First off let me state I have been smoking for almost 30 years. Until Barry took the time to teach me how to taste cigars I never knew about thirds. But sure enough the cigar does change over the smoke in thirds.

The first third for me had a strong notes of pepper and some nuttiness as well.

The second third for me went flat in terms of taste, but was still enjoyable

The final third became very bitter with burnt bitter coffee and some nutty notes.




For a cigar I never heard of this was not a bad smoke that reminded me a lot of an Oliva. It was also enjoyable to smoke with my student who actually introduced me to smoking cigars 10 years ago. I would give it an 87.

Very nice cigar and despite it going dead on me in terms of picking up notes in the middle part I still give this cigar a fairly high rating of an 89.

My Local Price: Gift
Rating: 88 (Out of 100)

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  • ironmeden

    We’ve had this cigar in the twin cities area for a few years now. When they first came out they were good cigars for the price, but no one was buying them. A few cigar shops got stuck with a lot of inventory they can’t rid of. The shops that still have them usually have a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on them.

    For a person starting out smoking cigars, this is a good start, but as you mature, you will quickly move on to better cigars.

  • Barry

    interesting, my guess is that cigar is produced by some cigar store in your market. It is a good cigar, but it has a lot of similarities to other cigars on the market.

    At least someone has heard of them.

  • Gale Aveado

    Hello,Great blog post dude! i am just Tired of using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you thought about putting video to your blog to keep the people more entertained?I think it works., Gale Aveado

  • Eric

    Barry, Roxor is a boutique brand that is owned and distributed out of Cleveland, Ohio. Two things conspired upon introduction – Ohio smoke natzi lwas and the person trusted with national distibution had some integrity issues ( he has since moved on). Rozor now has a cameroon and a maduro in addition to the natural. On the mild side overall but always well constructed with an excellent burn. Try the maduro, you and your son may enjoy it.

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