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Cigar Review: Carlos Torano Noventa

The other day I was out with a friend of mine at Sushi Samba in the city and we began to talk about of all things, fireflies aka lightening bugs. While I am more than 10 years older then her we both remember there being an abundance of them around when we were little. We [...]

Cigar Review: VigilantE

Well the teams have been set in the political arena for the upcoming presidential elections and according to the polls it will be a race down to the wire. While Sen. Biden was the obvious choice for Obama, the choice made by McCain was one that caught a lot of people off guard. In my [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Cojonu 2003

Can you believe that summer is over? Granted there are still 25 days or so at the time of this posting, but with Labor Day a few days away the end is here. All in all it hasn’t been a horrible summer, although with Hurricane Gustav threatening New Orleans it could get bad again in [...]

Cigar News: CAO IPCPR]

This video comes direct from CAO and features behind the scenes footage of CAO at the IPCPR which was previously known as the RTDA.

Cigar Review: Padilla Miami

I was first introduced to a Padilla cigar from The World According to Stew who sent me one for a joint review we did on his site a while ago. It was a good cigar, but none of my local B&Ms carried Padilla. That is until now. As I walked into Barrister Cigars the other [...]

Cigar Review: Los Blancos Maduro

I recently took part in a cigar pass on one of my favorite websites, A cigar pass is when a group of people get together and pass around some sticks. The pass starts with someone sending out a batch, and the next person takes what he wants and puts in others at equal or [...]

Cigar Review: Cuvee Blanc

When it comes to doing reviews I am not your typical cigar reviewer. I smoke on average 2 cigars on a good day. So while I was not smoking for reviews I was smoking for the relaxation aspect after work. Last night while smoking I noticed my taste was back and for the most part [...]

Greetings New Viewers!

I just wanted to take the time to welcome everyone from and both of whom were nice enough to promote my website. Unfortunately the promotion came from 2 of my favorite sites when I am in the midst of some allergies and have not been able to taste anything. So please, take the [...]

Cigar Store Review: The Cigar Vault

I am dealing with some allergies this morning so with my taste buds not being up to speed I decided to write a review for my favorite place to purchase cigars in my neighborhood. The Cigar Vault is located in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, NY on Avenue Z between East 17th and East [...]

Review: Cubao #6

I noticed an early buzz about Cubao on the website and I had to get my hands on them to see if the smoke matched the buzz.  For those who do not know Cubao Cigars are made by EO Bands which is behind the 601 line of cigar. , These cigars come from Don [...]


Just a heads up to my fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf. SCHIP is due for a vote in the house prior to the 2008 elections. Not sure what SCHIP is? You may recall last summer the talk of an added cigar tax. Well, the bill behind that was SCHIP…. And this time it [...]

Review: Tatuaje Black

My car has been without air condition for a while now. I keep procrastinating spending the $1100 or so to fix it. Most of my driving is highway driving so with the windows down it isn’t all that bad. It only gets unbearable when my business partner is on the phone and he can’t hear [...]

Review: Arganese CL3 / Arganese ML3

About a month ago I was in contact with someone over at Arganese Cigars where an acquaintance of mine just got a job as the New England Sales Rep. After talking to my contact I was sent a few cigars to review along with a baseball cap. Although I smoked these cigars on separate days [...]

Review: Romeo Y Julieta Edicion Limitada

I am sitting here watching the opening ceremonies from the 2008 Olympics and I am blown away by what the Chinese have done. But at the same time I feel bad for them as a people. While the ceremonies have been visually amazing, the people performing them are almost without emotion. The military like movements [...]

Montecristo Cap Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. With 81 entries I tore up 81 pieces of paper each of which was individually numbered into a baseball cap. I folded the hat and shook as if I was making a martini for James Bond (shaken not stirred). With my eyes closes I reached into the [...]

Review: La Riqueza

With my blog growing in popularity I want to extend a thank you to all my faithful readers and those who have just come aboard. Without you, the pleasure I take in sharing our love of the leaf would go unnoticed. As my blog grows, my friends who share a same passion have taken in [...]

Cigar Familiy Charitable Auction

In 2001, the Fuente and Newman families and their Cigar Family members established CFCF.  The foundation has created a 23-acre project, which is home to primary and high schools that educate 490 students, a medical and dental clinic, a community center, sports and recreation facilities, and an organic farm and fishery.  Because the Fuente and [...]

Review: Camacho Liberty 2008

My local B&M ordered these at the trade show in Las Vegas and in the blink of an eye they were sold out. I managed to get my hands on 3 of them and after smoking 2 of them I decided to review it. The first one I smoked at a BBQ with a couple [...]

Cigar News and Lottery!

As my regular readers know a few weeks back I was invited into the Altadis VIP program which has a few perks. These include merchandise, swag, and a newsletter… One of the things listed in the newsletter was the addition of new cigars to the Altadis family. These cigars include: Mi Dominicana by Jose Seijas: [...]

Review: Viaje Oro Delicado

Last week the owner of my local b&m pointed out to me a cigar in Smoke Magazine for today’s review. He was contemplating bringing them into the store for retail sale. The reviewers for the cigar gave it high marks, but it failed to be very descriptive in terms of flavor. When I informed the [...]

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