Review: Camacho Liberty 2008

My local B&M ordered these at the trade show in Las Vegas and in the blink of an eye they were sold out. I managed to get my hands on 3 of them and after smoking 2 of them I decided to review it. The first one I smoked at a BBQ with a couple of friends and the second one I took to the beach to smoke.

The Camacho Liberty 2008 is limited to 40,000 cigars and the Camacho website which is outdated gives zero information about this years bunch. In fact trying to find out the wrapper/binder/filler information has been very difficult to say the least. So for this review we will do without The Skinny section.

[Edit: I just found out the wrapper is a Corojo + Colorado Maduro wrapper]

Pre-Smoke: The cigar comes as pictured to the left. As you can see it is a gorgeous barber pole. Each cigar is wrapped in tissue paper in it’s own cedar coffin. The scent of the wrapper although faint has a sweetness to it. At the foot there are similar notes of sweet spices and although it too was faint I will call it cinnamon. The pre-light draw reveals notes of tea and hay. The cigar is slightly box pressed and has some soft spots on the side. It is tapered at both head and foot.

Smoke: The cigar itself came off as medium to full bodied and was much milder to me then Liberty cigars released in the past. To me it made it a more special smoke as it was a step outside what I have come to expect from Camacho. What makes that a good thing it is nothing like the 11/18 line of years past and this cigar has it’s own identity.  The ash was very light in color, and despite being a little flaky it held on tight. The first 1st 3rd had notes of pepper and earth. The remaining thirds had some notes of coffee, cinnamon, and pepper.

Overall: This cigar smoked a little fast for me at 17.00 a stick. I was done with my smoke in an hour when I was ready to devote 2+ hours to it based upon it’s size. So the overall value of the cigar will be reflected in the rating which knocks off 2 points. I also feel that this cigar needs some aging time, and my remaining stick I will save til sometime next year. There was something trying to come out in the notes, that just did not surface and with the proper aging this cigar will become something special.

My Local Price: $17.00
Rating: 90 (Out of 100)

{I just wanted to take the time out to add to this review a few words of thanks to Camacho Cigars who have added this review to their website under the press section. You can vist their website at and click press to see the mention.. Once again, thank you Camacho!}