Review: Arganese CL3 / Arganese ML3


About a month ago I was in contact with someone over at Arganese Cigars where an acquaintance of mine just got a job as the New England Sales Rep. After talking to my contact I was sent a few cigars to review along with a baseball cap. Although I smoked these cigars on separate days I decided to post them under one review.

The CL3 stands for Corojo Ligero while the ML3 stands for Maduro Ligero. The wrapper, binder, and filler are all ligero, thus the 3.

The Skinnys:

Cigar: Arganese ML3
Origin: Dominican Republic
Sizes: Torpedo 6 x 52
Wrapper: Brazillian Maduro
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Domincan Republic

Cigar: Arganese CL3
Origin: Dominican Republic
Sizes: Torpedo 6×52
Wrapper: Dominican Republic (1st Generation Cuban Seed)
Binder: Sumatra
Filler:Dominican Republic (1st Generation Cuban Seed)

Pre-Smoke (ML3): This Maduro wrapper is dark, oily, and toothy. There were some massive veins on my samples and there were some soft spots on the roll. The wrapper had a sweet scent to it, similar to molasses, and the pre-light draw was that of cherries. The foot of this cigar reminded me a lot of the Fuente Anejo cigars as there was almost a touch of cognac in the scent along with some pepper.

Pre-Smoke (CL3): The wrapper is reddish brown in color, and the samples I received had some small veins. However, the cap of the torpedo sticks sent to me were very sloppy. The wrapper had the scent of mocha, as did the foot. The draw revealed notes of fruit, and this too had some hints of cognac.

Smoke (ML3): The better of the two cigars this full bodied smoke had notes of coffee and espresso with some earth in the background in the first third. In the second third it became slightly bitter, with notes of coffee and nuts. The final third only a bitter black coffee remained. The notes were enjoyable and I enjoyed one of these smokes with some espresso which really paired well with the ML3. The burn on my samples were slightly jagged, but acceptable.

Smoke (CL3): All the samples I received of this cigar were tough on the draw. On the third and final sample I received I decided to dissect it and I found some very thick veins/stems in the filler. Some quality control might be needed with the cigars. The notes on this smoke were that of leather, earth and black pepper that remained in this very powerful full bodied smoke.

Overall: The ML3 was very enjoyable but some construction issues need to be ironed out. The appearance of the cigar looks more like a low end cigar then a top notch premium cigar. I will however smoke these again as I know what they are all about. On the other hand the CL3 at times comes across as wanting to be strong just to be strong. If you are a fan of Camacho you will love the CL3, providing they address the draw issues.

Rating: 88
Price: $5-7.00