Review: Tatuaje Black

My car has been without air condition for a while now. I keep procrastinating spending the $1100 or so to fix it. Most of my driving is highway driving so with the windows down it isn’t all that bad. It only gets unbearable when my business partner is on the phone and he can’t hear so he rolls up his window. But with the exception for one week this hasn’t been a bad summer. So much for global warming. I haven’t heard stories this summer about scores of people in the Midwest dropping from the heat like in past summers. So I have to ask, is the summer over? Or am I jumping the gun?

It was a beautiful morning at the beach not a cloud in the sky, no haze over the water, and a cool breeze keeping the temperature in the low 70s. I felt like I died and went to heaven. My cigar of choice this morning is pictured on the left. A cigar with a lot of buzz that is produced in limited numbers. For those local to me Havana Dreams in Rego Park NY recently got in 3 “jars” of them.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Tatuaje Black
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: Corona 5 5/8 x 46
Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo 99
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Pre-Smoke: When the Beach Boys wrote “I wish they all could be California Girls” they obviously did not know what New York girls by way of Moscow had to offer. With thongs passing the left of me and thongs passing to the right of me, even on this cool August morning I tried to study my cigar. In terms of appearance this cigar is not all that good looking. The roll is a tad sloppy, with some veins showing on the wrapper. Some of the stems inside the veins look like they they want to burst through the leaf. Despite this the cigar has some nice oils to it, and was firm to the touch. The wrapper offered notes of cherry and wood, while at the foot I got some nutty notes which is also what I got from the draw. I used my hippotech idiot proof cutter and began to light this baby up.

Smoke: At first light there is a major blast of pepper which remains but subsides slightly as you work into the first third. Notes of wood begin to emerge as cotton ball like clouds begin to fill the blue sky. As we enter the second third of this wonderful smoke the pepper becomes a canvas on which wood and earth blend upon. As the beach begins to fill in front of me the final third of my smoke the pepper emerges back to the top with subtle notes of nuts and coffee to finish out the smoke. The cigar burned like a dream, however when I got down to past the label the cigar burned a littler hotter then most cigars.

Overall: Smoking this stick was like being on a mini-vacation. It left me cool, calm, and thoroughly relaxed. The notes of coffee and pepper remained with me for the better part of an hour after my smoke which was paired with water. To read a cool story of what Pete Johnson was going for with the Tatuaje read this article.

Rating: 91
Price: $15.00

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