Cigar Review: Padilla Miami

I was first introduced to a Padilla cigar from The World According to Stew who sent me one for a joint review we did on his site a while ago. It was a good cigar, but none of my local B&Ms carried Padilla. That is until now. As I walked into Barrister Cigars the other day I was informed there was some new stuff in the humidor so I picked up a handful and I am glad I did.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Padilla Miami
Origin: Miami
Size: 6.25  x 52 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo Cuban Seed
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Pre-Smoke: This is one beautiful cigar. Exquisitely hand crafted with minimal veins. The scent of the wrapper was that of some faint spices while the foot offered notes of nuts. What got me on this cigar was the pre-light draw which was both buttery and nutty. A very unusual combination that works well.

Smoke: If you want to see a cigar that burns really well, this is the cigar to smoke. The burn line was clean and crisp all the way to the end. The body was medium, and the draw on this torpedo was perfect. The 1st and 2nd third of this cigar was identical for me, which was a slight pepper, nuts and well defined buttery notes. The final 3rd of the smoke, the buttery notes moved to the background while the pepper became the dominant note.

Overall: The first time I smoked this cigar I was very impressed, but I said to myself I can’t smoke these too often. The buttery notes were so rich, and so well defined that I could see it becomming annoying. I guess my initial thoughts were a little off as I have smoked this cigar often since my first. This is one unique cigar!

Rating: 91
Price: $9.00