Cigar Review: VigilantE

Well the teams have been set in the political arena for the upcoming presidential elections and according to the polls it will be a race down to the wire. While Sen. Biden was the obvious choice for Obama, the choice made by McCain was one that caught a lot of people off guard. In my eyes it was a brilliant move if he is able to capitalize with on the fence voters who wanted Hillary. However with “Troopergate” looming in Alaska one has to wonder why McCain chose someone who might have some controversy attached to her name. Especially when impeachment can be a word used in the very near future in regards to Vice Presidential Nominee Palin. But enough about politics, as I do not know enough about it to intellectually discuss it at length. I will say this, may the better man (McCain) win.

The Skinny:

Cigar: ViglanteE Sun Grown
Origin: Honduras
Size: 6.25 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua / Honduran Sun Grown

Pre-Smoke: Today’s smoke comes to me by way of a cigar bomb delivered from a user. The VigilantE is a cigar I would not normally smoke as it is primarily a mail order smoke. I tend to do very little ordering via the web as I prefer to support my local B&Ms. I am also tired of the poor quality of smokes that are made solely for the distribution by internet tobacconists. The VigilantE is blended by Rocky Patel and is aged 5 years. The pre-light scent of the wrapper was virtually non-existent while the scent of the foot was very sweet, similar to that of honey with some notes of pepper.  The sun grown wrapper was very dark, bordering on black. At first look it appeared to be more of a maduro then that of a sun grown. The cigar was well packed with tobacco and with minimal veins. The pre-light draw was very free and easy and offered notes of honey.

Smoke: I read online that these cigars need to be aged about 3 months prior to smoking and if that holds true this cigar that made its way to my humidor was very well aged. The burn line was true all the way through, and the notes offered were honey (1st third, before fading), pepper (throughout), earth (2nd third on), and leather (final third). The finish of the smoke was a bit earthy, but not overpowering.

Overall: I am sad to see these are on closeout and will soon cease to exist. You can pick up a few at cigar international as they have some left. The smoke was very enjoyable. I will be honest and state, that I did not look forward to this cigar as I am not a fan of sun grown smokes. But the sun grown features of this smoke were very subtle.

Rating: 89
Price: 30.00 a Box of 25 on closeout at Cigars International