Cigar Review: Old School Originals

These cigars have gone through a major blend change, please check out our most recent review which reflects the change.

I stopped by the beach as usual yesterday before my evening holiday plans and smoked a cigar named after the Boys of Summer. It was a warm day, but with no humidity it was beautiful out. Not a cloud in the sky a perfect end to summer… This cigar was gifted to me from Old School Cigars with each size named after a Brooklyn Dodger from the 50s.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Old School Cigar
: 6 x 60 (Duke Snider aka Toro Grande)
Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro
Ecuadorian Criollo ’98
: Ecuadorian Sumatra Ligero, Sumatra & Criollo ’98 Secco, Sumatra Volado

Pre-Smoke: This cigar is hands down one of the oiliest cigars I have ever come across, its wrapper just sweats an insane amount of oil and the nose is of cocoa and wood. The foot is cocoa. This is one toothy looking cigar with a fair amount of veins and bumpiness. The pre-light draw was really easy and offered notes of cocoa with feint cedar notes.

Smoke: I had put off smoking this because in the summer I do not like a cigar that is very strong. I don’t have a need for a cigar to make me sweat when it is already extremely warm outside.  This full bodied cigar was a very rough on the back of the throat cigar. It had notes of pepper, and leather throughout and it was strong for the sake of being strong. The notes did nothing for the cigar as they were just there and never blended together or offered some satisfaction.

Overall: I’ve heard so many people say “I like a strong cigar because of the buzz it gives you.” Well if you are looking for a pseudo-high then this cigar might be for you. If you are a cigar smoker who likes a full bodied cigar with flavor this is not for you. If looks were everything this cigar would score really high, but since it isn’t it fails. Like the Brooklyn Dodgers this cigar is a bum, but not the loveable kind.

Rating: 83