Cigar Review: Carlos Torano Tribute 2008

I have been blessed with having the local CAO International Rep as a fan of my website. I shall leave him without a name at his request, but when I first started the blog, he was very supportive of my endeavor. Recently, I reviewed the Carlos Torano Noventa which was a stick I obtained from friends. When the local CAO International rep saw the review, he let his bosses know over at Carlos Torano and they contacted me offering to send me today’s cigar for review.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Carlos Torano Tribute 2008
Size: 5 x 48
Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina Triple Fermented
Binder: Nicaragua (Pueblo Nuevo)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Jalapa)

The Tribute is not due to hit shelves for about a month, so I consider myself very lucky to have obtained one to smoke. The cigar is limited to 72,000 sticks and will be available in 3 sizes in which 1,200 boxes of 20 cigars each will be released. Each box of this release is individually numbered.

Pre-Smoke: The wrapper on this cigar looked like chocolate candy which was visually pleasing to me since I am on a diet. The cigar had some veins but none of them were more than surface veins so they did not detract from the beauty. The roll was seamless, and I cut the cap with my idiot proof hippotech cutter. The wrapper offered very faint notes of mocha, while the foot was a strong mocha note with some pepper. The cigar itself was very firm to the touch, with the exception of one soft spot/pocket about 1/4 inch from the foot.  The pre-light draw was great with notes of mocha and some spices.

Smoke: It was a beautiful morning to light this cigar up. There was a gentle breeze coming in off the water which was looking very rough with white caps as far as the eye can see. The sky was sprinkled with clouds, and visibility was endless. I found myself thinking, that I could realize how they thought the world was flat at one time. As I lit the cigar I took my first pull I verbally said out loud, “Wow!” The strength of flavors that came off this cigar was incredible. In the initial third I picked up notes of mocha, with some nuttiness and coffee that was occasionally joined with some raspberries. As the middle third arrived the raspberries were gone and I had strong coffee notes with some mocha and nuts. The final third of the cigar became a little bitter for me; however this bitterness was an enjoyable mix of coffee, nuts and leather.

Overall: This is yet another great Torano cigar which I am enjoying more and more as a company. The burn line was great, the ash was tight and light while the draw was perfection defined. I look forward to smoking some more Torano cigars as the year winds down including the new sizes they offered at the trade show for existing lines. The Exodus 1959 has added an Exodus Churchill (6.75 x 47). The regular Carlos Torano line has added the Virtuoso Baton (7.5 x 38) and finally the Exodus 1959 Silver Edition has added a Toro Elegante (5.5 x 55).

Rating: 91
Price: $Unknown