Gurkha News

For all the fans of Gurkha, this news item was just sent to me from Gurkha themselves.

The Dragon Fire has finally been released to tobacconist around the country!  This long awaited cigar has been a labor of love.  Part of the Black Dragon family, the Dragon Fire has it’s own distinction. This powerful 5.25 by 54 in a box of 52  has a unique shaggy foot and a robust taste. The cigars are nestled in a beautiful box that only Gurkha can make. The box, when you are finished with the cigars, will be an awesome collector’s item.  We release 500 boxes, so if your favorite tobacconist does not have it, be sure to inquire.  You don’t want to miss out on this outstanding cigar!

See you all tmrw, when we review the H. Upmann Maduro Reserve.