Cigar Review: Davidoff Maduro

Davidoff Maduro

Davidoff Maduro

Today’s cigar has been out a couple of months and when I first bought them I was eager to review it. However the cigar had some strong ammonia notes which meant that it needed some aging time. So I let the cigars sit in the bottom of my humidor for about 6 weeks before trying another one. Well, they are ready for a review.

I picked up my cigars at De La Concha in New York City one afternoon while hanging out with my business partner and the boxer Renaldo Snipes. For those of you who are boxing fans you will remember how he got screwed in his fight against Larry Holmes in the 7th round. For those of you who do not, the video clip via is at the bottom of this review.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Davidoff Maduro R
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 5 x 52 Robusto
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalepa Region)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

Pre-Smoke: The wrapper on this cigar is sun grown in the Jalepa valley to create a natural maduro cigar according to Davidoff. So the cigar appears more like a sun grown cigar then a true Maduro. The cigar itself is a classic Davidoff with a great roll, minimal veins, gorgeous cap and the traditional Davidoff band. The scent off the wrapper is very much like a barnyard with notes of straw or hay. The scent coming off the foot was very similar to sambuca and the next one I smoke will be paired with some espresso. While the prelight draw was the same sambuca style notes, there was also some hints of toast.

Smoke: I had some burn issues with the cigar, but I want to contribute it to the strong windy conditions I was smoking in where winds were gusting up to 20mph. The fact I had a hard time keeping the ash played into the burn issues as well. However, the cigar never went out but I did need to touch it up from time to time. The 1st half of this cigar was strong sambuca/licorice notes with a touch of toast. It was a very nice combination. The final half of the cigar, the strength changes as well as the notes. The dominant note was very earthy with the licorice sliding the background and doing just enough to be visible to my palate.

Overall: I am a huge fan of Davidoff cigars so take that in mind with the review. Other then the first Davidoff I smoked of the maduro line I have yet to meet a Davidoff I did not like. The notes were simple, but enjoyable. The price of the cigar knocks down my rating by 2 points which hurts it in the value department.

Rating: 90
Price: $15.00-$18.00