Cigar Review: Avo 787

Avo 787

Avo 787

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I’ve had this cigar aging in my humidor for about 7 months. I constantly put off smoking it because well, my experiences with the 787 have been disappointing to me in the past. But I got tired of looking it sit in there, alone and I decided it was time to smoke it and see if I would add more to the collection or let it go extinct.

The cigar is blended by Henkie Kellne who is the master blender at Davidoff and as many of you know I am a fan of Davidoff cigars. The cigar is supposedly a response to cigar aficionados around the world who wanted a cigar that is both sophisticated and rich.

The Skinny:

Cigar: Avo 787
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 5.25 x 52 Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuador Sungrown (Connecticut Seed)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium

Pre-Smoke: While this cigar is a sun grown wrapper, it is not overly dark. The foot is free of stems, and the roll for an Avo cigar is a bit sloppy. The wrapper has a lot of veins and there are plenty of soft spots near the foot with notes of earth.  The foot I was able to pick up notes of earth and pepper (sneeze alert!). When I clipped the cap one thing entered my mind. Do they remove the stems/veins from the filler tobacco? I could not find one on either end of the cigar which is almost unheard of. The prelight draw was very loose and there were notes of nuts and a mint like taste as well.

Smoke: The burn line on this cigar was nice all the way through, however it did go out on me a couple of times. The first third of the cigar were notes of earth and some nuts, while on the second third the notes were nuts, and a slight chocolate with the earth in the background. The final third of the cigar was all earth. It was also an average smoke producer.

Overall: Disappointing. I think over the years my palate has become more refined and that I seek out certain types of cigars more than ever. When I first started smoking I could see liking the 787, but now as I crave the boutique cigars and there full flavor blends I am let down by a lot of cigars. This was one of those cigars. In time I think I will have to visit some Davidoff blends and see where they sit.

Rating: 85
Price: $11.00

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  • DK

    I have a really stupid question. From me? Nah… Bare with me! So I’m always reading about wrapper veins. Are veins good or bad? I have noticed that veins on a wrapper make the cigar appearance more pleasing (that’s just me). However, the larger the vein the more it impairs the burn. When you are in a smoke shop do you pick up a stick with more or less visible veins?

  • Barry

    The smaller amount of veins the higher the quality of the leaf…

    I don’t completely judge a cigar by the amount of veins but it is usually a good was to estimate how good a cigar might be.

    This does not always hold true though.

  • Sean Torres

    I thought this stogie was “good”. Even burn with only 1 relight and nice ash that held for about 1/2 way, I like spicy cigars & this one was OK in that area, good for a weekday smoke in my opinion.

  • DoloStuth


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