Cigar Review: Xikar Defiance

Xikar Defiance

Xikar Defiance

Over the past few months my great country has been split on who to vote for. I have had people ask whose corner I was in but I never once put that on my blog. Now that the election is over, I will not hide the fact I voted for McCain. For me it was a matter of experience. It was that one point that made the choice for me. With that said and done, I think Obama has the potential of being a great president if he stays true to his platform. He is my president, although I did not vote for him. What disturbs me the most about this election is how many people bought into the emails going around calling him a terrorist, or that he was not born in the USA or what have you. The Internet has created a gullible society and I wish our President elect the best for if he does well, then my country does well and that is what matters most to me…

Today’s cigar I won in a bet with the owner of Barrister Cigars. We had a friendly wager of a cigar on who would win the Wolrd Series. This cigar was that payoff.

Cigar: Xikar Defiance
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 5 x 50 (The Renegade)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Cuban seed shade grown Criollo wrapper aged 4 years
Binder: Nicaragua Cuban seed sun grown Corojo binder
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Pre-Smoke: This cigar has been on my to try list for a while and I wound up with a nice aged cigar to sample. Normally I tend to smoke 2 or 3 of a cigar before reviewing it, but today’s cigar was a 1 shot deal since I cannot find anyone local to me who sells this cigar. The wrapper offered a musky scent which had me a little worried and the foot offered notes of a caramel and figs. Fig notes are one of the notes I go ga-ga over and I was ecstatic to get it off of this cigar. The pre-light draw offered the same notes as the foot.

Smoke: This cigar produced a lot of smoke, that I was thankful to be smoking it outside. It also smoked very slow and this robusto lasted me a solid 90 minutes. The draw was perfect with only the slightest resistance. The first third offered notes of wood and caramel with a slight fig in the background. The 2nd third of the smoke, the wood remained and it offered notes of nuts. At this point I had a phone call that I was on for about 20 minutes and my cigar needed a relight when I was done. The final third of the smoke the fig retuned in the background with notes of wood in the foreground.

Overall: The finish of this cigar was an interesting sweet wood that was so pleasing I can recall it very well 2 days later as I write this review for this exceptional cigar. Xikar has a winner on there hands, as this cigar should finish in my top 10 smokes of the year.

Rating: 92
Price: $6.50 (before local taxes)