Tis The Season Of Giving…

Cigar Reviews will return tomorrow, as I have solved my issue of smoking in the cold weather. For now I want to share with you all an event that a good fried of mine put together and he has brought me on board to help with the project…

The cigar community has been chastised long enough and it is time to make a good name for ourselves. So Pete decided to put together a little herf, and at this herf we will be holding a raffle in which the proceeds will go to buying a gifts for under privileged children.

Some great cigar manufactures have stepped up to the plate and have offered cigars to be raffled off for this great cause and some of the early arrivals will be given a bag of smokes as well.

So if you live near by, stop by and say hello. Ask for me (Barry) and if I am not there ask for Pete and tell him acigarsmoker.com sent you…

Date: Noverber 28th
Time: 1:00pm – whenever the owners kick us out
Location: 2215 Route 112, Medford, NY 11763
Parking: Small lot in front of the store, more parking on side and in back of the store
Directions: Take LIE to exit 64 South. Proceed about 3/4 mile and on your left hand side you’ll see a small park. Immediately after the park is a small shopping center. Goodfella’s in in there.

A special thank you to Steve from CAO, John from Altadis, Jim From Arganese, Xikar, and Goodfella’s Cigars.