Cigar Review: Casa Magna

Casa Magna

Casa Magna

One of the hold backs on me not doing reviews is I smoke the cigar, and I don’t have a camera to take the photo, so I upgraded my cell phone to a blackberry curve which has a 2.0 mega-pixel camera on it. Well today I once again did not have my camera on me, but I was able to snap a photo anyway. While the quality is not the best, you can still make out the cigar and label.

On Black Friday some guys from (if your not a member and need an invite, drop me a line) got together to smoke for charity. We raised money for underprivileged kids for the holiday season. So thanks to us puffing away we were able to donate some money raised from raffles. Once again a big thank you you goes out to Steve from CAO, John from Altadis, Jim From Arganese, Xikar, and host by Goodfella’s Cigars in Long Island, NY. If you have not tried any of these products I suggest you do so. Not just because they were so kind to donate, but because they have some truly good smokes and stuff! During the event Scott who is a great Brother Of The Leaf hit me up with a Casa Magna which I smoked at the event and truly enjoyed. He gave me a second one to smoke this morning for me to formulate my review.

Cigar: Casa Magna
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 4.75 x 60 (Torito)
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Colorado)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance & Construction (19/20): This cigar features a gorgeous Colorado wrapper which visually is one of my favorites due to the brindle effect many of them have. The cigar featured a triple cap which was slightly off center on both of my cigars. The wrapper was glistening with oil and was very firm to the touch. The cigar had a lot of veins but none of them were too big for my liking. The Casa Magna is very well packed and has a nice weight to it as well.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): On the pre-light this cigar seems like it might be heavy on pepper notes but once you light this stick up it is totally not the case. The cigar offers some nice notes of caramel/toffee with a hint of coffee during the first third. As we approached the middle of the stick the Toffee remains with a touch of mocha. The Casa Magna concludes with Coffee, slight mocha and a little bit of earth.

Burn/Ash/Draw (20/25): I will admit I am an ash man. I like a nice firm ash that holds on and this stick did not disappoint. One draw back might be the fact it was a tad difficult to get it started properly due to the girth of the smoke. But once you did the burn line was pretty good. At times I thought I might be having a canoe in the making but it never got out of hand and it corrected itself on its own. Another potential issue is the draw, while it bordered on tough, it was doable. A little more and I might not have smoked the stick.

Overall (23/25): The positives of this cigar out weigh the negatives and it was a very nice smoke I could see becoming a staple in my repertoire. The cigar is made in the Nestor Plascencia factory which is located in Esteli, Nicaragua. I also read on the net while researching the make up of the cigar that is meant to serve as a replacement for the Joya De Nicaragua which I can’t confirm. The next time I run into the Drew Estate rep I will ask him, since they are distributing the Joya.

Rating: 89
Price: 6.00