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Cigar Review: My Father Lancero

I decided to do a little impromptu review tonight while chatting with some cigar bloggers on stickam. It’s amazing how the love of a good smoke can bring people from across the USA together. Joining me tonight was Justin from, Tom from TomsCigars, Stew from The World According to Stew, Mike aka Agent 6 [...]

Cigar Review: God Of Fire ’05

Well it is that time of year where you reach into your humidor and pull out a special smoke. I had this beauty given to me by a sponsor of this website, Cigars Direct. I smoked it while attending a holiday party at my local B&M Barrister Cigars. The God of Fire cigars were first [...]

Reviews: Top 10 List!

Well it is that time of the year where all the cigar bloggers of the world put out a top 10 list. The best cigars of 2008, the worst  cigars of 2008, so and so forth. In 2008 there were some great new cigars to come out, and some cigars that were new to me [...]

Cigar Review: Old School Stixx

First I want to take the time to welcome the readers who were pointed in this direction by The Stogie Review. Once TSR gives you some link love, you know you made it in the cigar review world. Last night my local B&M, Barrister Cigars in Union, NJ hosted an event for Old School Cigars. [...]

Ramblings: The 50 Cent Tax….

A few people have asked me my views on Twitter and it is a topic of conversation on the cigar boards. In case you did not hear, the unqualified Governor of New York David Patterson rambled out some crazy tax increases including a 50 cent tax on each cigar sold. While this is not yet [...]

Cigar Review: Devil’s Weed

Last week I approached the in house resident aficionado of Barrister Cigars to be a guest reviewer here at and he jumped at the chance. So welcome aboard to Andre/Toastie/Tiger Woo. The man with many nicknames, some of which are not fit for reprint is a welcomed adition to the site. So without further [...]

Cigar Review: Winston Churchill No. 10

I found it so much easier to do cigar reviews in the summer. With the cold weather the places to smoke are limited, and my schedule has been so hectic lately that I have had to neglect the site. Excuses, excuses but it is true. Hopefully once Ashes is open I will be able to [...]

Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami

The La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami managed to slip by under the radar. A few weeks ago, my friend “jitzy” asked me if I tried one and I referred to the original. He quickly pointed out to me there was a new blend and he gifted me one to review. While the La Gloria [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje RC 184

Today’s review is a guest review by a friend we refer to by many nicknames. His first nickname is toastie because of the 5 minutes or more he takes to toast a cigar using cedar strips as he rotates the cigar over the flame. But recently he has been nicknamed Tiger Woo due to the [...]

Cigar Review: Cruzado

For me my world changed when i was introduced to cigars that were not common place in many cigar ships. Cigars by Dion Giolito fit that bill. The creator of Illusione cigars is at it again with the Cruzado cigar. This cigar was introduced at the IPCPR trade show earlier in 2008. The sizes are [...]

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