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For me my world changed when i was introduced to cigars that were not common place in many cigar ships. Cigars by Dion Giolito fit that bill. The creator of Illusione cigars is at it again with the Cruzado cigar. This cigar was introduced at the IPCPR trade show earlier in 2008. The sizes are in the forties (ring gauges) which complement the complex flavor:

I picked up a couple of these beauties from Silo Cigars which is one of my favorite sites to order “boutique” cigars from on the Internet.

Cigar: Cruzado
Origin: Honduras
Size: 5 5/6 x 46 (Marelas Perfecto)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Criollo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Strength: Medium

Appearance & Construction (20/20): At times I feel a little repetitive in this section due to the types of cigars I smoke, but this cigar was flawless. The wrapper was perfect and glistening with oils. For a small ring gauge the cigar had a nice balance and weight to it. Even the band was stunning with majestic medieval look to it of black silver & gold.  The cigar was brilliantly rolled and I felt like I was committing a crime cutting it.

Flavor & Notes (29/30): OK, this is where I question my sanity. When I clipped my cigar and began the prelight ritual I had notes of rye which caused many looks of bewilderment with the people I was with. It even prompted the question, “What did you have for breakfast”. The answer to that is an English Muffin. Anyway, the note of rye was so defined and so wow, I thought I might of been delusional. So after a few minutes of sitting there questioning myself I lit my cigar and sure enought the 1st third of the cigar offered notes of rye and chocolate which was a really nice combination.  The middle part of the cigar the notes of chocolate were joined by a subtle leather. The final third of the cigar was notes of leather and a heavy spice. As I approached the end of this cigar I was looking for  push pin to continue smoking it. I had to put it down when there was nothing left to hold.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): For a cigar with a small ring gauge the burn of this cigar was really slow and it lasted quite some time. The burn line was perfect all the way around. The ash however was a bit dark for my liking and despite being a little flaky it held on well. The draw was pleasant and offered no problems.

Overall (24/25): Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new cigar in the mix for A Cigar Smokers Journal cigar of the year. This stick was amazing all the way through and it just left me floored.

Rating: 96
Price: 9.00

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  • Brent

    Hey Barry,

    I thought that the Cruzado needs some time to rest, it would be a great cigar in a year IMHO. Good right now, just not great…

  • Travis Lindsay

    This looks like a really impressive cigar. At first I didn’t recognize it but then when you said it was just launched then it made sense. Need to give it a try.

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  • http://none DingDong

    The ash color was not to your liking? Give me a break.

  • Barry

    yay my first hate comment. If Ding Dong had a clue he would realize the color of the ash has to due with magnesium content, which determines how rich a cigar is.

  • Sherry


    You’re dead on with your review! This cigar is amazing I literally just finished one and it was “great” to say the least! I will add more of these babies to my humidor! ; )

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  • John

    I try new cigars often looking for that perfect cuban flavor. This one made me joyous. I was so thrilled by the flavor that I could not believe it. I am going to wait a few more days and light up another as I simly cannot believe the perfection in a cigar at this price. This is old world cuban as far as I can tell. I am not a rich and snobby smoker, but this cigar made my day. It was just that good. What a surprise. I hope it was not a one time joy. Maybe it will get better with age as another above said. Then I will cry.

  • JoshK

    Rye! … That means I may have finally found something to compliment my favorite whiskey. Anyone know a good place to get these (NYC metro or online)?

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