Cigar Review: Tatuaje RC 184

Tatuaje RC 184

Tatuaje RC 184

Today’s review is a guest review by a friend we refer to by many nicknames. His first nickname is toastie because of the 5 minutes or more he takes to toast a cigar using cedar strips as he rotates the cigar over the flame. But recently he has been nicknamed Tiger Woo due to the fact he can pass as a Tiger Wood with some Asian decent. To see what I mean click to see his picture.

On to the review:

Cigar: Tatuaje RC 184
Origin: Little Havana Miami, Fl
Size: 7.25 x 57
Wrapper: Nicaragua Criollo ’99
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Appearance & Construction (19/20): This Diadema vitola was beautifully executed. The wrapper was velvety and devoid of any toothiness while showing negligible veins. My only aesthetic qualm was with the foil wrap which covered the upper half of the cigar, giving it an appearance reminiscent of a hot dog rather than a fine cigar. This choice of package was puzzling, though eye-catching.

Flavor & Notes (24/30): After removing the foil, I was able to appraise the sweet, cedar-driven aromatics of the wrapper. Upon cutting, pre-light, the taste was an enticing medley of molasses and peppery spice, with a leafy sweetness that echoed the wrapper scent. Upon lighting, subtle notes of soy and edamame were prevalent on the palate, accompanied by a slight creaminess and mellow spiciness. Soon, hints of mocha and a black coffee bitterness shone through. Getting into the body of the smoke, I found an increase in acidity along with a notably creamier profile once ashed. Here, the stogie’s character was defined by classic notes of tobacco and cafe au lait, which remained constant through the end of the smoke. It was at this point that I became disillusioned in the cigar. I had expected an in-your-face, robustly flavored smoke, worthy of its price. Instead I found it to be a very subtle, yet complex cigar. While I found no off-flavors, the smoke lacked the expected richness of palate, aroma, and smoke.

Burn/Ash/Draw (24/25): While the cigar had a facile draw and burned well–despite a slight boating which was easily corrected by rotating– it lacked the profile to warrant its price. The medium gray ash with blots of white was indicative of its subtly creamy character and elegant complexity.

Overall (21/25): Overall, it was a good smoke. But, for the price, good is not nearly enough; there are a great many other smokes, even other Tatuajes, that are more economically priced and provide a similar if not better smoking experience.

Rating: 88
Price: 23.95 (Manhattan, NY Price)