Ramblings: The 50 Cent Tax….

taxesA few people have asked me my views on Twitter and it is a topic of conversation on the cigar boards. In case you did not hear, the unqualified Governor of New York David Patterson rambled out some crazy tax increases including a 50 cent tax on each cigar sold. While this is not yet a law the whole proposal is a concern to the freedoms I thought I was entitled to as an American.

Some of the taxes that have been proposed are ridiculous, such as an IPOD tax that would charge New Yorkers a tax for downloading music. Other taxes include movie tickets, massages, non-diet soda, and fruit juices that contain less than 70% juice. Also to be taxed will be my cable bill which is already over 100.00 (and to think I use DSL!). Basically the Governor is telling all New Yorkers to move out. I know this, if gasoline did not drop to 1.40 or so a gallon I would be in some serious trouble.

But the working man is always attacked and our ways of finding inner peace are always being challenged. If this tax proposal passes my 5.00 cigar will go up 10%  to a total of $5.50. This means I am paying roughly a combined 47% in taxes.  When SCHIP passes in the spring that tax will be anywhere from $.0.40 cents to $5.00 per cigar depending on who you ask.

We live in changing times, and the freedoms that my grandparents were blessed with has been taken away from me. I am a proud American, but this is not my grandparents America anymore and for that I am sad.

Thankfully, the chances of all these taxes passing are very slim as the lawsuits that will be launched at New York state to try and stop these taxes will be numerous for sure. Unfortunately, this will cost the state more money and somewhere down the line cause more taxes to pay for it.