Cigar Review: God Of Fire ’05


God Of Fire

God Of Fire

Well it is that time of year where you reach into your humidor and pull out a special smoke. I had this beauty given to me by a sponsor of this website, Cigars Direct. I smoked it while attending a holiday party at my local B&M Barrister Cigars.

The God of Fire cigars were first introduced in November 2004 in limited edition humidors produced by Prometheus. Since then, they have been sold through an exclusive group of authorized God of Fire dealers in 10 countries, and cigar connoisseurs all over the world have given the God of Fire cigars raving reviews.

Cigar: God Of Fire 2005 (Carlito)
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 7 x 48 (Churchill)
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

Appearance & Construction (19/20): The cigar was nicely coated in oils with some veins. The label has colors of red and gold which gives it a very Roman feel about it. At the foot the cigar looked a little loosely packed, but it had a nice weight to it. The roll was perfect right down to its well placed cap.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The notes on this cigar prior to lighting was a musky oak and a slight molasses. I notice a lot of my aged cigars have a sweetness to them that fit into this molasses category and I enjoy that. On the draw the cigar offered notes of cinnamon and caramel. I was having second thoughts on smoking this cigar because it is so rare! The 1st third of the cigar offered notes of  nuts and a a peaty oak that was reminiscent of some single malt scotches. The second third peaty oak notes remained but slowly began to fade before giving way to notes of caramel, and cinnamon with a touch of oats. As I finished the smoke, notes of nuts and oats were joined by a hint of leather.

Burn/Ash/Draw (25/25): The cigar had an exquisite burn line that was straight until the end. The draw was flawless and the ash held very well with just a touch of flake. I was able to hold on to the ash for the first half of the cigar before it fell as I went to flick it into the ashtray.

Overall (23/25): I am still undecided about the peaty notes I had with this smoke. It worked well because I was drinking some Glenfiddich 15 year old while smoking, and although the scotch is not peaty it paired well. Despite some great notes, and a terrific burn line something was missing and I can’t quite place it. So rather then a perfect score here, I will deduct 2 points for that something I can’t put my finger on. I also reviewed this cigar live and on the fly while on Twitter. Feel free to add me if you are a twitter user, my name on there is nyisles which I also go by on and

Rating: 95
Price: $24.95 at Cigars Direct

Note: If I smoked this cigar prior to my Top 10 list being written it would of been placed around the # 5 slot.