Cigar Review: CAO Italia Largo

CAO Italia

CAO Italia

Cigar: CAO Italia
Origin: Honduras
Size: Largo (Toro)
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Italy/Nicaragua/Peru

Appearance & Construction (19/20): Last night I was at a CAO Event at my friends shop in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Over at Don Francisco’s was the first time I had ever seen to the CAO Italia in a tube. The tube is eye catching and inside this cedar lined tubed lies a well constructed cigar. The roll is flawless and the wrapper has a minimal amount of veins. The cap is well placed and the cigar has a nice weight to it. Just the look of the cigar makes me want to watch soccer…

Flavor & Notes (27/30): On the pre-light the cigar offered some strong notes of cedar from the tube it was in and I was ready to smoke this stogie in earnest!  The initial third of the smoke offers some strong cedar notes which is different then most italia cigars due to the packaging. Also joining the cedar are faint notices of chocolate that I was only able to pick up when swishing the smoke around before exhaling.  The second third of the cigar the notes of chocolate become more cocoa like with some strong wood notes remaining. As we approach the last third of this stick the notes of cocoa are easily defined. The cigar has a very woody finish.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): On the pre-light the draw seemed to be a little stiff and it remained that way for half the cigar before it opened up. The burn line which is usually the biggest problem for a CAO cigar had some minimal issues but never needed to be touched up. The light gray ash held well despite having some ridges and flake to it.

Overall (22/25): The Largo is a nice version of the Italia especially if you like wood notes in your cigar. However if you are a fan of the Italia I should warn you smoking the Largo is a completely different experience.

Rating: 90
Price: 8.00 (including NJ Tobacco tax)

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  • Travis Lindsay

    Very nice review, as always. Even though this cigar doesn’t sound like it will be a favorite of mine I do think I will enjoy it. Thanks for the preview.

  • Jeff B

    Was it a suddle change or drastic when the note when from chocolate to cocoa? I don’t know if I could have caught that. Nice review. I believe they are having an event in my area this week. I am considering attending.

  • Barry

    It was a subtle change, but it was noticeable enough to note the change

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  • Andrew R

    still can’t figure out how this ranks higher than the tatuaje cojonu.I guess thats just proves each individual tastes something different…The CAO Italia is not one of my favorite smokes,I would recommend something else.

  • Logan Lawler

    Good review.  I have read about 5 reviews on this cigar and they all mention the burn is pretty awful.  I had the same issue with the stiff draw up front which corrected into the middle.  

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