Cigar Review: Xikar Defiance Sentry

The Senry

The Senry

I was recently contacted by Xikar based upon a review I did of the Defiance a few months back. They offered to send me a 5 pack of cigars and a xikar cutter. I told them thank you but I am going to raffle it off for my loyal readers. So if you want to win the 5 cigars and the cutter posted below all you have to do is leave a comment and I will randomly select a winner. The cutoff for this contest is 12 noon (Eastern Time) on February 2nd, 2009. Good luck everyone!

Winner has been selected, thank you for your entries!

Cigar: Xikar Defiance
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 46 (The Sentry/Lonsdale)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Cuban seed shade grown Criollo wrapper aged 4 years
Binder: Nicaragua Cuban seed sun grown Corojo binder
Filler: Nicaragua

Appearance & Construction (18/20): A great looking Criollo leaf adorns this cigar that has minimal veins. The foot reveals some loose packing which I have not witnessed in any of the other sizes. It’s crest style band sports the words In Pures Veritas under the name of the cigar. It’s secondary band has the word Xikar in silver on a black background. The side of the primary band has the words, do not remove. I suggest you remove it for a chuckle :)

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The pre-light draw reveals offers notes of cocoa with a slight caramel which is a nice change compared to what I have been smoking lately. These notes are definitely amongst my favorite. As we work on the first third of the smoke, notes of wood and caramel prevail and are easily definable. The second third of the smoke the notes of caramel remain but in the background as wood becomes the dominant note. The final third of the cigar notes of nuts, wood and touch of caramel are noticeable making this one of my favorite smokes.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): Despite this loosely packed foot, the cigar smokes nice and slow for a lonsdale. It’s ash is a little weak, and is medium in color. The burn line is dark, but it is straight, revealing a well constructed cigar in its wake. The draw is not too loose, and not too tight, goldilocks would be happy with the draw.

Overall (23/25): This lonsdale packs a lot of flavor for a medium bodied smoke. The loose foot turned out to be a mirage as the cigar smoked nice and slow and never disappointed.

Rating: 92
Price: 6.75

5 Cigars & Cutter

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  • Luckyfitz13

    Woo for contests and being the first one!!!!!!

  • Squid®

    Pretty nice review… I was surprised when I first smoked one of these. Thought it would be a dog rocket…

  • Cat Alvarez

    Very nice. Would be a great win for a new cigar aficionado!

  • http://CigarOutcasts howland1998

    Nice review. I’ve been leaning towards the lonsdales and smaller rings lately. I’m liking the wrapper to filler ratio more. And with that review, Gotta get me some of those.

  • vankleekkw

    Great review Barry. I look forward to your thoughts on new smokes.

  • ER Doc

    I love the fact that Xikar gives money back to help combat anti-smoking legislation within the state where the cigar is purchased.

    Xikar has yet another hit!

  • Matt m

    Great review as usual, will have to give this a shot.

  • Cigar Inspector

    Nice review. This Xikar stuff looks good!

  • Smoke ‘em All

    Thanks for the review. I didn’t even know Xikar made cigars. I guess these don’t have a lifetime guarantee. I’m curious, very curious.

  • Smoke ‘em All

    Thanks for the review. I didn’t even know Xikar made cigars. I guess these don’t have a lifetime guarantee. I’m curious, very curious.

  • Tim Walden

    Start my Sat and Sun off with your website, cup of coffee, and a cigar. I am relatively new to cigars so I use your website to research cigars at my local retailers. Keep up the great and informative work you do. Thanks.

  • Jim Euritt

    I hope I can win!!!!

  • John Fox

    I have be trying to find these in my area but have been unable to. This contest would be a great way to finally give them a try.

  • BradinBuffalo

    These are great cigars….

  • http://CO John51277

    Nice review as usual!!! Thanks for the contest bro. I need a new cutter, mine is at the bottom of the lake as of yesterdays fishing trip!

  • sboyajian

    Great review Barry.. I was a little surprised to hear Xikar makes a good smoke.. thanks for the contest.

  • agctribefan

    Woo hoo another contest. Great review. Wanted to try one of these.

  • WarHorse

    Thanks for the review. 92 is pretty high! I’ve been looking to try these. Nice looking website! thanks for the contest, by the way.

  • barrister

    i just ordered some. lets see if the fix works here.

  • http://CigarLive shortstory5

    Great review!
    Thanks for the contest!

  • oldpirate

    ummm. Cocoa and Caramel. Might have to try one of these!

  • nicetightash

    Very nice review! Thanks for the contest.

  • Pit Bull

    Great review..will have to try this stick. Thanks for the contest

  • Patrick

    Nice review. Thanks for the contest

  • 858 Nick

    Yay, Contests!! I like contests!! especially ones that don’t require me to do any work. Thanks for sharing the wealth.


  • SixPackSunday

    thanks for the contest. good luck to everybody!

    and great blog, i always enjoy reading it!

  • Ryan

    Nice Review! I’ve been bugging my local shop, who seems to have a problem with getting new stuff, to get some of these. Uh oh, I may have to start seeking out a new shop :(


  • http://Www.Clearlake.Minutemanpress.Com mmpjim

    Wow, great review. This would a great stick for a newB . Love. caramel and the cutter is a bonus. Win or not, very generous of u to give this up!

  • Robert

    Thanks for the review and site…and contest as well. I had a Defiance a while back and was very impressed. Fuego makes some good smokes!

  • Humidor minister

    I was just looking at the top 25 cigar list and noticed these. I didn’t even know Xikar made a cigar. I’m intrigued. Based on yoiur review, I’m going to have to give them a try some day. Great review. Quality all the way.

  • Tony

    sounds like a good smoke!

  • Danny

    Awesome Review. These are getting awesome reviews everywhere. I gotta give them a shot. Thanks for the contest.

  • Linus

    I’m with Humidor Minister. I never even knew Xikar made a cigar. They make a great cutter, IMO, so one would hope the cigar would match up with it. Definitely will have to see if I can find these out there in B&Ms.

  • The Tom half of Ed & Tom

    Must…have…Xikar stuff!

    Enjoyed the review too :-)


  • Rich M

    nice review!

  • Mike Peters

    AKA/Paint,thanks for the review site.I love Xikar products and have not had the Defiance yet,and would love to try one …I was gifted one and has been resting for about 6 months now..Maybe today is the day!!!Thanks for the contest bro..

  • Andy Klueber

    I hope I can win cause I would to try these cigars.

  • beezer

    Great review! I have yet to try these, but have heard plenty of good things about them. I hope to give these a try in the near future.

  • CaptainJeebes

    Xikar cigars? never heard of em…something i think i need to try somedy. Nice review

  • mudboy

    Great review and contest! These have been on my wish list for quite a long time. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  • Rocky

    Nice review, and thanks for the contest!

  • Quinn

    very nice review. I have never had a xikar cigar before so meaby ill win this and get to try em.

  • Don Arturo

    My very genourous neighbor hooked me up with one of these and I loved it. Your review couldn’t be more on point.

  • Se7en_V

    I’ve only been recently introduced to ‘A Cigar Smoker’s Journal’. (I found ACSJ through Twitter) After I subscribed to your RSS feed one of the first articles I starred was the Nov. 6 review of the Xikar Defiance Renegade. Prior to that I had never heard of Xikar producing cigars. I immediately added this to my list of Cigars to try. Since then I saw the Defiance make #18 on Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2008. As well as mentioned in a couple other’s ‘to-try’ lists. I am anxious to find the Defiance and smoke a couple of them. — I’m also looking forward to removing the primary band as a sign of ‘Defiance’ ;) Thanks for another great review.

  • azpostal

    Thanks for the great review and of course I hope to win for my own review of these cigars.

  • mkr160

    Very informative review on the new Defiance. I had the chance to try one and I was very suprised to find that it was indeed a good, quality smoke. Good luck to all in the contest, and thank you to nyslies for hosting it.

  • chance

    Great review. Keep it up

  • gumby

    Great work on all the reviews. I regularly check your site to guide my purchasing of new cigars. Keep up the good work.

  • Itsme-Speedy-G

    Thanks for the info and the contest.

  • JasonT

    Nice review. I’ve been wanting to try these and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity. Thanks for the contest.

  • Ruud

    Greetings from the Dutch Cigar Community, oh yeah please do not forget about us across the big pond ;-)
    /me likes XiKar! :-)

  • Steve (Ratters)

    Nice review, been wanting to try one of these.

  • Jose (ProBe)

    Great review Barry. Cool Contest

  • Galen

    Just found your site. Very nice reviews!

  • dinoa2

    niice review, sounds good and contest ends of what should be a holiday–groundhog day.

  • John Di giacomo

    Nice review but why are these not in the stores yet?

  • stickman

    hello, I want to take this opportunity to say that I put a lot of stock in your reviews and they influence what I decide to smoke. Thanks for the chance to win the cigars and cutter.

  • tobacmon

    Always enjoy a good cigar and an opportunity to check out new prospects–Thanks for the contest!

  • SVB

    hey, there’s a large square/rectangle hole in that box!

  • m69c44

    Great review I can’t find these out here on the west cost yet. so I haven’t try them yet

  • Jcaprell

    Great review man!! I was going to snag two of these from the b&m yesterday but they didnt have anymore!!! Oh well.

  • khemraj

    Xikar has been a great warrior for smoker’s rights. It’s crazy that we can’t smoke in a smoke shop!
    I’m headin to my fav b&m and looking for them. Great review.

  • itsme_timd

    Thanks for the review and the contest! I’ve heard good things about these and curious to try them, only one B&M in my area carries them – looks like I’ll need to make a trip.

  • CigarMan Phil

    Great review!! Also thanks for the contest. I love those cutter they never fal and when they do just send it back

  • http://Cigaroutcast Sikk50

    Awesome review! Thank you for the contest!

  • Adam (stogierosexual)

    Thanks for the contest. Been meaning to try one of these for a long time now.

  • ERik (wideboy)

    Nice Review Barry. Thanks for the contest and the generosity!

  • mhlatke

    Barry – great review as always! Good luck w/the shop and thanx for the contest.

  • Rojo Camacho

    Ive had a couple of these and they are not bad, definitely surprised me. thanks for the review and contest.

  • Matthew

    Yet another great contest Barry, thanks! I haven’t had these smokes and would love to fire one up with friends. Matthew (

  • Robert Hogan

    I’ve been wanting to try the Defiance for a while now, hope I win.

  • dk_fxn

    I’ve been looking for these, but seem to be hard to come by…

  • Matt Musial

    Thanks for the review. I might have to try one of these.

  • Rah55

    i love the cigars coming from Nestor Plascencia’s factories

  • Mena

    Thanks for the review. I have been looking all over Houston to try one of these and I can’t seem to find them… anyone from the Houston area have any suggestions?

  • Joe

    Great Review barry

  • Brooks

    Great review!

    Wish I could find some!

  • ngetal

    great review, sounds like a tasty cigar – pick me, so I can try’em out, ok? ;)

  • http://CO El Lechero

    Nice review Barry! I found the Defiance to be a very well-made and great tasting smoke. Had my first last July 4th shortly after their initial release. There’s no telling whet I would do to get 5 more! Need anyone “taken care of”? LOL!

  • Bob

    I love Defiance! I practice it every day. I should win the cigars and cutter to complete my ensemble :-)

  • flyrice

    The caramel notes sound like it would be an amazingly delicious smoke. I’ll have to try me one of those. Looks lovely-jubbly :)

  • http:// Stew


    You know I’m always in for good cigars!


  • mikeinwv

    Would it be blasphemy to cut these cigars with a different brand of cutter? lol…

    Great review!

  • Calestus

    A 92 huh? I guess I’ll pick one of these up, sound like it’d go good with a morning coffee. Good review mate.

  • btmisles

    Nice review. I liked this stick as well.

  • Arnie

    Great way to get all of us “lurkers” to say “Hi”. Good review.

  • Chris_J

    Thanks for the GREAT review! I will definitely be trying this in the near future! Can’t wait to herf with this stick!

  • Chuck

    Nice review! These are great cigars.

  • Fernand

    Have got to try a Defiance one of these days!

  • J.T.

    Not bad- I’ll have to give them a shot

  • http://N/A Scott1966

    Will have to give these a try – thanks for the contest Barry!

  • doc8466

    These are well worth their price. the criollo really shines through. I find it to be complex and full flavored. Very nice!

  • DBCcigar

    I think it’s a great medium stick throughout. Anything created by J. Fuego is going to be good, if not great!

  • Mr.Erskine

    I saw these in CA recently and was very intrigued. It is a cigar that has moved onto my list of will try. Very good review and thanks for the contest as well as the insight to a cigar that I will be buying to add to my collection.

  • StogieDave

    Great review, love these sticks and the “corporate responsibility” behind them. Hopefully, a SCHIP reform stick will be forthcoming soon (before it is too late).

  • Gabe

    nice review, thanks for the contest.

  • Smokin Joe

    good review. I have had some J. Fuego cigars who I understand helped with this brand. A very good cigar I may add. After your review I will have to grab one (or win 5) to compare and enjoy.

  • Dan Joyce

    Nice package. Good review and thanks for the contest!

  • rlneal

    Nice review and thanks for the contest.

  • OlivaSerieV

    I will have to try these… Been meaning to but so many great smokes so little time. Your review is just the thing to get the ball rolling 4 me! Thanks!

  • big04deuce

    Awesome review Barry. I have been reading about these cigars, but hesitant on pulling the trigger. After your detailed review I may have to consider it. Thanks much for all the reviews you do.


  • Joe

    Great idea I love your reviews

  • SOTL1977

    Great review! I hope you’ll consider shipping the prize to the great white north if I’m selected. :)

  • Cory

    Thanks for the contest, nice reviews!

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  • Tipovi klađenje

    Hi there,Stumbled on your site a few minutes ago and I have to say that you have some really interesting stuff going on here : ) . The only problem that I’m having are the loading times of your site , where is your blog located? Salute, Anton And oh, I’m from Southeastern Europe btw

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