Cigar Review: Camacho Liberty 2007

Camacho Liberty 2007

Camacho Liberty 2007

Keeping up with the better late than never theme this week I decided to reach deep into my humidor and pull out the Camacho Liberty 2007 release. I enjoyed the Camacho Liberty 2008 release, although I thought it needed some age. So with 18 months on this beauty I decided to break open a coffin and smoke it.

Cigar: Camacho Liberty 2007
Origin: Honduras
Size: Figurado
Wrapper: Corojo/Broadleaf Barber Pole
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Hunduras & Pre Embago Tobacco

Camacho Liberty 2007

Camacho Liberty 2007

Appearance & Construction (16/20): A fun cigar to look at the Barber Pole is not always a friendly smoke. The different types of tobacco usually burn at different rates making them annoying to smoke. This version of the Liberty is darker than the 2008 version. It features a fair amount of veins on the wrapper, and surprisingly a few at the foot. The cigar has two bands on it both blue gold and white. This cigar is pleasing to the eye, but the construction (veins at the foot) is disappointing,

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The pre-light draw features some very sweet notes with a touch of cocoa. Upon lighting the cigar, it reveals notes of chocolate and a sweetness with a touch of cinnamon. As we move to the second third, the primary note is a sweet spice, that is joined by some leather and chocolate notes in the background. The final third of the cigar the sweetness was pretty much erased from existance, while the primary note was leather, there was some chocolate hiding out in the background.

Burn/Ash/Draw (21/25): For a barber pole the burn line was remarkably straight. The ash was tight white, and held on for inches at a time. The draw could of been a little better, as at times I felt like there wasn’t enough smoke being produced and it kind of killed the smoking experience for me. With a better draw, I would of enjoyed the smoke much more.

Overall (22/25): The Camacho Liberty continues to be the only line of Camacho that I truly enjoy. The overall experience would of been more enjoyable if not for the draw issues, but I am still happy I made the decision to smoke this cigar on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you can still pick up the 2008 version I would still highly recommend it and if you come across a 2007 despite the 87 rating I would give it a shot.

Rating: 87
Price: 15.00

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  • doc8466

    Sounds like a great smoke, but at that price…I’ll pass. Thanks for the review!

  • Arnie

    I have found that with age Camachos smoke like a dream. Give them 5 or 6 years and you’ll love ‘em. They take on a lot of complexity.

  • The Tom half of Ed & Tom

    Great review, I have to agree with it completely. I do enjoy other Camacho cigars, but the 2007 Liberty I like quite a bit.


  • Brent

    I have 1 repeat 1 of these, so I am waiting until the summer, this will be my 4th of July smoke this year!
    My 2008 Liberty has a split at the head of the cigar, it was a gift, so I really cannot complain.

  • Sue G

    I agree with your comments, though I would add that I found hints of licorice in the Liberty 2007 which I smoked today. I also agree that it was better for having aged a few years. Thanks for your thorough review!

  • Phil R.

    I agree with your review of the Liberty to an extent. I smoked mine last night. The pre-light showed some awesome flavors of not only chocolate,espresso,but of fine quality leather. I must’ve been one of the few lucky folks to get a very well constructed “barber pole” style cigar, as the construction was top shelf. This stick had a full open draw that just coated my mouth with a smoke that was unbelievable. The burn was dead even throughout the entire stick, that produced a beautiful white ashe that I must admit that stayed there until around 2 inches from the band. In the last stage of this euphoria of a cigar, I found what had to be the best nuances of dark chocalate, deep espresso, and the best way to explain it would be a rich dark fine leather, with teasings of white pepper on the finish. I found when exhaling through my nose as well as my mouth, it brought out the true essence of this cigar. Complemented with a great glass of scotch, this cigar was to me absolutely top shelf! I totally agree that this cigar needs a few years such as mine(purchased at the end of 2007 or early 08′) to really show its potential. Your patients will be rewarded!!

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