Cigar Review: Rocky Patel R4

Rocky Patel R4

Rocky Patel R4

I recently made a small wager for a few cigars during the NFC Championship game. I wagered against The World According to Stew who took the Eagles, and I took the Cardinals. In a squeaker I managed to hang on and I collected a 5 pack of cigars. My friend Stew likes to search for bargains on the internet and he will buy a cigar at a great deal especially if it is by Rocky Patel. This one did not meet up to his standards and he sent me one to see what I thought, so here goes!

Cigar: Rocky Patel R4
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 52 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua & Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras

Appearance & Construction (16/20): Made from grade A wrapper this cigar has a silky appearance with minimal veins. The smooth corojo wrapper has some oils showing and nearly flawless roll. Upon inspection of the foot there are some small stems visible, and when the cap is cut there are some stems there as well.

Flavor & Notes (25/30): As I smoke the first third of my cigar there is a light snow falling outside and I am treated with notes of pepper and wood. The second third of the cigar begins to reveal notes of nutmeg and wood, none of which are refined. The final third of the cigar has dry earthy notes and a hint of wood and nut remaining in the background. The notes were never abundant and the cigar for me was not up to par with what I enjoy smoking.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): When I lit this cigar up I was greeted with a tough draw, that opened up once I cut another 1/2 inch of the cigar. The ash is a tight white with no flake or ridges and it held on for quite some time. The burn was pretty even but the carbon line was a little bit wide which I learned at the CAO event the other night means a cigar was not fermented long enough. So I would suggest you sit on these for a while before smoking them.

Overall (21/25): I would keep this cigar on hand because of its price and the fact that everyone I know always hits me up for cigars. It’s a good cigar for a novice, and it would hold up well on the golf course. It’s slow burn makes it ideal for a day on the greens.

Rating: 84
Price: 39.90 and up for 20 cigars at Duque Cigars