Cigar Review: Davidoff Short Perfecto

Davidoff Short Perfecto

Davidoff Short Perfecto

In the summer of 2006 these were my favorite cigars to smoke. Sitting outside at the Tiki Bar at the Elks club smoking a Short Perfecto and sipping on a drink was the perfect way to relax for me. Sometime in the past couple of years Davidoff quietly changed the blend of these cigars switching from a Connecticut grown wrapper, to a Ecuadorian shade grown wrapper. The Davidoff rep in NJ informed me that this was done because Davidoff did not want to depend on the Connecticut tobacco farms which are mostly owned by General Cigars. So they began to grow the wrappers in Ecuador which is under cloud cover most of the year compared to the Connecticut shade wrappers which are kept under cheese cloth to keep them out of the sun.

Cigar: Davidoff Short Perfecto
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 4 7/8 x 52 (Perfecto)
Wrapper: Ecuador Shade Grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

Appearance & Construction (18/20): One of my favorite shapes is the perfecto, and the Davidoff is a classic. The cigar features some minimal veins  with a somewhat toothy appearance. The band screams classy with its white band and the name Davidoff in gold script.

Flavor & Notes (23/30): The prelight draw reveals some strong notes of grass and wheat. After the perfecto is lit with ease the first third of the cigar offers notes of grass and a touch of pepper on the back of the throat. As we enter the second third of the smoke the pepper fades and while  notes of grass remain they are joined by some wheat notes. The conclusion of the cigar was that of earth and grass with a touch of wheat.

Burn/Ash/Draw (24/25): When lighting a perfecto you have to be more careful to get the whole cigar lit or you will wind up with an uneven burn fairly quick. If done correctly the burn line is crisp while the motted grey ash holds strong and the need to ash did not occur to nearly the halfway point. On a side note I had to put my cigar down for 10 minutes as I had to deal with some business issues. When I got back to my cigar it was still lit which is always a nice thing.

Overall (20/25): The rep told me me no one has complained about the change in the blend, but let me make this review my official complaint. The cigar is less smooth and creamy and the grass notes are far more then they used to be. What used to be one of my favorite cigars is now an average run of the mill stick and if it wasn’t for the name I wonder how many people would actually like a Davidoff.

Rating: 85
Price: $13.00