Cigar Review: CAO America Bottlerocket

CAO America

CAO America

Today’s review ties into a contest here at The details of the contest are at the end of the review. With today being Washington’s Birthday I figured something patriotic needed to be smoked today. Thus the CAO America decision.

Cigar: CAO America
Origin: Honduras
Size: Bottle-rocket 7 x 50 (Churchill)
Wrapper: Connecticut Maduro & Natural
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA

Appearance & Construction (18/20): The label is a patriotic red, white blue and gold with a smaller band of gold and blue at the foot. The cigar screams patriotism, and the pinstripe wrapper is very well done. Both wrappers are very clean looking and this cigar is well packed. One can make an issue that every cigar’s pinstripes look a little different unlike the conformity of of Fuente’s Between The Lines, but for this reviewer the individuality of the sticks is welcomed.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): The initial notes of this smoke are that of nuts and wood, but as we continue to work on the first third of the smoke there is almost a sweetness to the cigar that reminds me a little bit of toffee. As we reach the second third of the smoke the sweetness begins to take a backseat and the nutty flavor steps up. The final third of the cigar the notes of wood and nuts finish off this smoke with just a touch of leather.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): One of the big problems a pinstripe or barber pole cigar has is the burn issues. CAO seems to have found a solution for that as this cigar has no burn issues at all. The draw is perfection and if there is one complaint is the ash doesn’t hold too strong as I wound up with an lap full of ashes a few times.

Overall (22/25): I have to put the disclaimer that this site is sponsored by CAO cigars and that I am friends with the local rep. With that said and done, it does not effect how I review a smoke. If it sucked, I would tell you it sucked. But the CAO America is a really good premium smoke that ranks up there with the best.

Rating: 90
Price: $9.00

Contest Time!

Contest Time!

This contest won’t be as simple as previous contests. For this one you will have to work. The winner of this contest will be voted on by the readers of this site. To enter you must take a picture of something patriotic and incorporate a fan sign for For example, a naked girl with an american flag wrapped around her, and written on her person would almost be guaranteed to win… Another idea would be you smoking a cigar, holding an American flag and having a sign that says “X loves”. Yes this contest is about self indulgence and it is not sponsored by CAO…

The winner will receive: a 3 pack of CAO Bottle-rocket Cigars… and 2 CAO LX2 Lanceros…. Good Luck!

Submit your pictures to barry  @ and the submission date is 2/20 by 11:59pm.

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  • Jerry @ The Stogie Review

    Barry nice review! I love the CAO America although I usually smoke the Potomac size. Which just means I have to enter the contest to try these Bottle Rockets. Living in our Nations Capital I’m sure I can find loads of patriotic inspiration.

    Two things…where do you send the pictures and how long does the contest run?

  • http:// Stew


    I love the CAO America but have not got my hands on a bottle rocket yet. Now because of your review, I want one even more. “Great job big guy!”

  • Travis

    I have smoked two CAO America’s (the Monument – torpedo – both times) and loved them both; so I can corroborate your statement that you aren’t spreading propaganda for CAO. But I’m watching you!

    One question, didn’t you get any spicy flavor? The first one I smoked I got a lot of spice but the second one not so much. Leather does seem to be a pretty consistent flavor with these cigars though.

    As always, great review. Thanks.

  • dk_fxn

    how rude am i? send my contest entry, but neglect the comment love! jeesh

    great review. I really like this stick.
    yums – actually, it was my election night smoke.


  • Se7en_V


    What a coincidence. I just had a CAO America Potomac out of my first 4 for the 4th Sampler. I’ve loved the Americas for close to a year now and it is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the awesome review and contest.

  • Cigar Command

    I’m surprised you didn’t get any burn issues. I’ll have to revisit these to see. All the ones I had did have burn issues. They had decent flavors though. Good review, bro.

  • big04deuce

    Another great review there Barry! I really enjoy the America and was surprised that you had no burn problems with this one. May have to pick some up when I get back to the states.

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  • anonymous

    Barry – I thought you said the contest was off, a no-go, last week! And now its back on again! Arrggghh! Now I have to hurry and git er done! I really love the CAO’s too, especially the America’s, too!

  • Tommy Zman

    They don’t roll a cigar any better than this one. I’d sure as hell take ‘em off your hands!

    - Zman

  • americanfrontporch

    Good stuff. The LX2 made my top 10 as well. I’m not so big on the America, but I’ve had consistency and burn issues with them. Always a pleasure!

  • tobacmon

    I know I have at least one of these resting if not more. I enjoyed the first few I have had and wanted to see how good they got after resting for a while. Thanks for the review and the contest Barry.

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  • Sticks

    I really like the larger ring sizes of the America line but I really had some serious issues with the bottle rocket. Tight draw, tossed to of them it was so bad, and the flavor profile was tinny at best and not the great rich tobacco and chocolate flavor of the larger ring sizes.

  • Charlena Whitesell

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