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Cigar Review: Padilla Habano Burberry

I was recently gifted this cigar by someone in the industry who rather I didn’t name him so he wouldn’t be flooded with requests for this cigar. The Padilla Burberry started when Ernesto Padilla was asked at an event to make something special, and the result is this cigar. The Burberry is sold via Cigar [...]

Sunday Links

The last Sunday in March is here and we are about 1/4 done with 2009. The first quarter of the year has seen some nice cigar releases that has left me satisfied as a cigar smoker. The highlights of the first quarter for me have been: Ambos Mundos Sumatra Oliva Connecticut Reserve Rocky Patel Winter [...]

Cigar Review: Siglo Limited Reserve VI

I got my hands on a pre-release of the newest cigar from Altadis USA which is a rip off of a Cuban line by Cohiba in name. The Siglo Limited Reserve is billed as an exceptional Nicaraguan cigar, handcrafted under the guidance of of celebrated master blender Frank Llaneza. The release goes on to state [...]

Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Maximus #5

I had intended to do a Diamond Crown Maximus cigar smoking experience but for some odd reason the picture on the left was the only one in focus. Turns out the lens on the camera was a little dirty from ash from a prior cigar I smoked. I smoked today’s cigar at my favorite B&M [...]

Cigar Review: Barrister Closing Argument

My good friend Robert Arroyo steps up to the smokers lounge today with a review while my sinuses recover from a brutal allergy attack this past weekend. Mr. Arroyo is an IT Professional with a seasoned palate in food, wine and cigars. Today he reviews the house blend of Barrister Cigars. So without further adieu [...]

Sunday Links

Another week has flown by and I want to thank everyone who took the time to answer my call for advice last weekend. I have started taking part in the comments and posting pictures of the cigar smoking experience. I realize there are also requests for me to put pictures of my humidors online but [...]

Cigar Review: CAO Sopranos Soldier

Well it is time for yet another contest here at and once again it is for some CAO cigars. To receive a 5 pack of CAO Soprano Soldiers are you have to do is leave a comment in the style of a limerick. The theme is cigar smoking, or this review. A winner will [...]

Cigar Review: NYC Cigar Co. Empire Series

A friend of mine asked me to do a favor and review a cigar from the NYC Cigar Co. To be honest, even though I consider the person to be a good friend I dread doing reviews like this. When a cigar store produces it’s own stick very rarely is the cigar worthy of a [...]

Cigar Review: Ambos Mundos Sumatra

The Ambos Mundos which translates to Two Worlds is being billed as a value smoke. Each cigar has the same blend with the exception of the wrapper. Today’s review is of Sumatra wrapper which is a follow up to the review I did last week of the  Habano wrapper.I’ve been asked a few times which [...]

Sunday Links

Ever since I started doing the Sunday Links I have noticed how fast life is moving. Before you know it I am sitting down and sharing reviews from other sites that I found informative, fun or both. The speed of which these Sundays creep up on me make me want to stop, find an island [...]

Cigar Review: Ambos Mundos Habano

As my regular readers know I am a Pete Johnson fan to the extreme. I have yet to smoke a cigar of his that did not do it for me. When I heard he was coming out with a new line of cigars I was like a kid on Christmas morning. The Ambos Mundos which [...]

Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Special Selection

I first fell in love with this cigar when I received it in a lancero pass on the now defunct cigar live. A place I felt passionate about but it was sold and turned into a site that I personally do not like. Since then I have tried some other cigar boards but I have [...]

Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Salomon

It is a sickness. Plain and simple. I am talking about the need to buy a cigar that is rare, or a cigar that is begging to be reviewed. Today’s cigar is an example of that sickness. Barrister Cigars got these sticks in a couple of weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to pick [...]

Cigar Review: Padilla Signature 1932 Oscuro

I am not one to bet often, but when I make a wager I tend to be one lucky son of a bitch. Case in point the smoke of the day. About 2 weeks ago the New York Islanders were playing the Buffalo Sabres, and I decided to make a friendly bet with @BradinBuffalo on [...]

Sunday Links

As I prepare this blog entry the night before its posting spring is once again in the air. It is currently 53 degrees which feels a lot warmer after a cold winter. Team USA has won it’s first round game against Canada and the regular season draws closer every day. As a Yankee fan I [...]

Cigar Review: Oliva Connecticut Reserve

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve caught me by surprise, only finding out about the release a few weeks ago. As a person who enjoys the Oliva line of cigars I felt a mild cigar was missing from their catalog. Whenever I was in the mood for a morning cigar I was never able to reach for [...]

Cigar Review: Vengeance Maduro Ligero

The local sales rep for Exclusive Cigars was at a local cigar shop I was patronizing and with the owners permission he gave out a few samples. Even though I am not a fan of another cigar made by Exclusive, the Kristoff line I agreed to keep an open mind when reviewing this cigar.. According [...]

Cigar Review: Padilla Signature 1932

The brotherhood of the leaf is something that is not comprehended by those outside our community. We get together at local B&Ms where we bullshit, trade stories, laugh, and exchange cigars. One such place that this happens more than not is Barrister Cigars. This past Tuesday I gave a friend an illusione 88, and Michael [...]

Cigar Review: Opus X PerfecXion A

I’ve been sitting on this cigar for about 9 months, and the person before me had it for quite some time. Lew from Don Francisco Cigars gifted me this when I converged on his place with another user from the cigar boards to complete a pass. I knew I would keep it til this day, [...]

Cigar Review: Camacho Diploma Scorpion

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Camacho cigars in the world. I did however enjoy the 11/18 when it first came out, but I slowly began to wander from the cigar and I rarely visit it. A few months ago I got the Camacho Diploma Scorpion in [...]

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