Cigar Review: Vengeance Maduro Ligero

Vengeance Maduro Ligero

Vengeance Maduro Ligero

The local sales rep for Exclusive Cigars was at a local cigar shop I was patronizing and with the owners permission he gave out a few samples. Even though I am not a fan of another cigar made by Exclusive, the Kristoff line I agreed to keep an open mind when reviewing this cigar.. According to the Exclusive Cigars website, “The Vengeance Maduro Ligero is all new and is for the serious cigar smoker only. This cigar is loaded with rich notes of espresso, dried apricot, chocolate and a sweet-spicy finish. After smoking the Vengeance Maduro Ligero, you’ll understand why it is “Back with a Vengeance“.

Cigar: Vengeance Maduro Ligero
Size: 6.5 x 52 (Super Toro)
Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Brazillian Maduro
Binder: Cuban Seed Honduran
Filler: Cuban Seed Honduran, Cuban Seed Dominican

Appearance & Construction (17/20): An oily looking dark wrapper with a lot of tooth adorns this stick. There are some dominant looking veins which is very similar to the Kirstoff line.  The foot offers some signs of being loosely packed, despite the cigar having a nice weight. One draw back was the band on the dark wrapper which blended into the cigar itself which would prevent it from standing out on the shelf. The label has colors of black, gold, green and red. and on the side of the logo it is adorned by the words, Dominican Republic.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The foot of this smoke offers some fruit like notes to the nose while the prelight draw was very floral. As we take our journey into the first third of the cigar there is a nice pepper bite on the tongue that quickly fades revealing some nice floral notes and something I can best describe as a tangy fruitiness that I have never tasted in a cigar before. As strange as it sounds this works very well and I am totally digging the smoke at this point. The tangy fruit remains in the second third and I guess you can call it apricot, but it reminds me a little bit more of tangerine. Also notes of leather and chocolate begin to emerge at this point as well. As we reach the final third of the smoke, the tangy notes disappear revealing a very distinct apricot taste that has simply blown me away. Also joining in on the party are notes of nuts and some black pepper.

Burn/Ash/Draw (20/25): The burn of this cigar is nice and slow but it is uneven at times and while I was tempted to touch it up, I opted not to as it corrected itself around the half way point.. The ash of this smoke is a medium gray and very flaky, add to the fact that it does not hold strong and it translates into a shirt full of ash on more then one occasion. The draw had a slight resistance but was acceptable.

Overall (23/25): Thankfully this cigar has no similarities for me to the Kristoff line of smokes. The distinct apricot notes were something I never experienced before and I totally enjoyed. The black pepper at the end was a little strong and left a slight burn in the back of throat, but it was ok. Burn issues aside, this was an extremely enjoyable cigar.

Rating: 89
Price: $7.00