Cigar Review: CAO Sopranos Soldier

CAO Sopranos Soldier

CAO Sopranos Soldier

Well it is time for yet another contest here at and once again it is for some CAO cigars. To receive a 5 pack of CAO Soprano Soldiers are you have to do is leave a comment in the style of a limerick. The theme is cigar smoking, or this review. A winner will be chosen by our laugh o meter. The bigger the laugh, the more likely you are to win… The cut off date for this contest is March 28th at 12noon eastern time zone, with the winner announced on March 29th.

Cigar: CAO Sopranos Soldier
Size: 6 x 54
Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Columbia
Strength: Full

Appearance & Construction (17/20): A dark cigar with a lot of tooth sums up this cigar. Covered in oils this cigar has a heavy weight to it and a well packed foot. The Brazilian wrapper looks similar to; if not darker then the CAO Brazillia. It also features some major league veins. The dark band with CAO in red does not stand out well on this cigar. What makes this cigar attractive is the box they come in and the name of the cigar itself.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): The prelight draw of the cigar offers some well defined coffee bean notes. Unable to find my  lighter I lit this baby up rather easily with some wooden matches. It is important to wait a second or two until the sulfer subsides before you bring the match to your cigar. If you don’t wait you can get the taste of sulfur which is not pleasant. With the cigar lit, there was some salty notes that came and went, but the dominant flavors here were coffee and chocolate. As we approach the 2nd third of the cigar, the salty notes come back for a short while and the notes of the cigar are leather and coffee. The final third of the smoke is still occasionally salty with notes of leather.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): The burn for almost the entire cigar was perfect as you can see from the photos below. The ash was a nice white color that held very tight during first third of the cigar. The second half however the ash became a little flaky and at the finish the wrapper ran into some issues. The draw with just a bullet punch was exquisite.

Overall (23/25): I always stayed away from the Sopranos cigar because it is not a cigar that should be as expensive as it is. Unfortunately the price of licensing fees are wrapped up in the price of the cigar. Sure CAO tries to give us something for that in a fancy box, but if you buy cigars individually that box is just a nice item in the Brick & Mortar instead of your own personal collection. Despite this, I regret that I waited so long to have my first experience with the CAO Soprano.

Rating: 90
Price: $38.25 for a 3 Pack @ Famous Cigars

Some people asked me to show the burn of the cigar, and while I am not looking to rip off Brian Hewitt and his town of burn I asked him for permission and he agreed that I could do something similar on my blog. So here is the experience of a cigar smoker.


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  • Calestus

    Tower of burn set aflame in town
    but not quite the same so we’ll stay sane
    i wish for a fiver
    i’d go naked and diver
    and then no one would have to take blame!


  • dk_fxn

    There once was a cigar from Tennessee
    reviewed by a PI that’s sneaky
    regardless of price
    he says this stick is pretty nice
    so I’ll lite it up and pair with whisky

    oh yeah! FTW! lol

    ps: nice review Barry…

  • Jim Euritt

    There once was a cigar smoker named Jimmy
    But of these he didn’t have any
    He would love to try them
    And would share with a friend
    If only he could get any

  • Bermac

    This cigar is the best, not harsh like the rest
    With coffee and leather abound
    The price tag is steep
    I’ve wife I wish to keep
    So I shall never be able to buy one


  • cboor001

    There was this cigar named Soprano
    Made by some blokes at CAO
    Barry smoked and reviewed
    And as everyone knew
    It is a great one to smoke as reviews go!!!

  • MountChuck

    These are really good smokes. And if you let them age, they are absolutely wonderful. I got one in the Tony Soprano Ltd. Edition size (6 1/2 x 58), let it age for about 14 months, and it was fantastic.

  • Brian Hewitt

    I, too, love the wrapper from Brazil
    And admire the new camera skill
    Much thanks for the mention
    I love the attention
    Name me the winner and gimme a thrill!

  • Patrick

    There once was this place called Honduras,
    Tobaccos from there are the purest.
    At least that what I’d heard,
    from this wandering turd,
    I’m pretty sure he was a tourist

  • Rah55

    CAO made some smokes and were shameless
    Named them after a show that was famous
    They charged a price so steep
    That their customers would weep
    And like good gangsters they said “Hey, we’re blameless”

  • itsme_timd

    The Soprano’s a nice looking stick.
    Rich and oily with quite a nic kick!
    But about the review.
    Mine unwrapped on me, too.
    For the price there are others I’d pick.

  • http://CigarOutcast King Leonidas

    I think this dark Brazillian wrapper is cool
    Sometimes when I cough I pee in the pool
    You tasted notes of salt & leather
    I once had some old seats made of pleather
    Looks like this stick burned good & true
    I once had a fat friend named “Lou”

  • sboyajian

    There was a woman named Trixie
    She found a guy for a quickie
    He gave h er a shrug
    And pulled out his nub
    She’d never seen a four sixty.

  • Michael Forry

    The guns came out
    everyone gave a shout
    cause Tony was driving by.
    He lit one up
    and ashed in a cup
    With that salty taste aloof.
    He took more smoke
    and almost choked
    as he tasted that morning brew.
    If not for the steer
    he would have veered
    and never finished the hit.
    As he was leaving the scene
    he lost the taste of bean
    and never looked back again.
    Now waving bye bye
    he let out a cry
    make them cheaper or you shall die.


  • Tony Ricciardi


    Couldn’t agree with you more about the Soprano. At first I assumed it was marketing driven, but after trying my first one, I realized that is was actually a wonderful smoke despite the blatant commercialism.

  • MrMayorga

    Nubbing a Saprano is a trip,
    Until you burn your lip!
    But since the cigar is great,
    It will always be your fate!
    Because smoking a CAO is hip!

  • doc8466

    There once was a man from Poughkeepsie
    Who enjoyed fat 6 by 60′s
    But others would say
    He looked kind of gay
    No man should have such ‘tween his lipsies.

    (that was a lot harder than I thought it’d be)

  • Michael Forry

    Thats why I gave up and just wrote a poem :) Might try later if I can think of something.

  • MrMayorga

    Cao Sapranos I would like to try,
    But only for free and not to buy!
    In a cigar I do like the favor of coffee,
    As long as it’s coffee and not really toffee
    So send me this fiver so I can say “Oh My”!

    Here another one along the same line.

    Cao Sapranos I would like to try,
    But only for free and not to buy!
    I’m sorry but other CAO”s are just not my cup of tea,
    But that is my opinion it’s only me
    And I can only hope that the rating don’t lie!

  • The Barrister

    there once was a young man from nantucket
    whose cigar was so good he would suck it
    when he couldn’t get these
    he was still able to please
    because he won the five pack so f_ck it

  • steve

    Good stuff….lmao

  • JasonT

    There once was a woman named Monica
    Who used a cigar as a vaginal harmonica
    Then she said to Bill
    I’ll give you a thrill
    But don’t smoke this one til Hanukah

  • JasonT

    The show named Sopranos was lame
    I hope the cigar is not the same
    But if they come by
    I’ll give them a try
    Despite the cheap gimmicky name

  • Chris

    There once was a capo named Tony
    Who ate more than his share of calzone
    He owned a strip bar
    But preferred a cigar
    To riding a bleach blonde Zamboni

  • Travis

    Tony Soprano is a mobster
    No, that doesn’t make him a monster
    He smokes his cigar
    At his buddy’s nudy bar
    Then dumps a body in a dumpster

  • Se7en_Vandalay

    S.uperb Solider review by Barry
    e.nvious I’ve joined his Commandry
    7.days a week
    e.nlightenment I seek
    n.ever again shall I be stick-sorry.

  • http://n/a joe l chidester

    I don’t get all of the flavors everyone comes up with, I just know if I like the cigar or not and this one is a very good one, more towards the sweetish side, carmel, sweet coffee, or whatever the flavor is, its good!. I do think I would rather have a Gurka ancient warrior, Don Carlos, or something stronger (more “meaty” taste) after a hearty meal, although I could smoke these Sopranos from morning till evening!!

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