Cigar Review: Barrister Closing Argument

Closing Argument

Closing Argument

My good friend Robert Arroyo steps up to the smokers lounge today with a review while my sinuses recover from a brutal allergy attack this past weekend. Mr. Arroyo is an IT Professional with a seasoned palate in food, wine and cigars. Today he reviews the house blend of Barrister Cigars. So without further adieu here is his review….

A bit ago, Barry and I were sitting at Barrister Cigars and sampling their new “house” cigar, the Closing Argument.  We agreed on the flavor profile but argued over this “Argument’s” strength.  I’m glad Barry has asked me to review this cigar so I can sit down with the smoke and ponder its strength and flavor again.

Cigar: Barrister Closing Argument
Size: 6.5×52 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Ecuadorian

Appearance and Construction (17/20): The overall color of the tobacco is good and consistent across the batch although the wrapper on any one cigar can be slightly mottled (blotchy) up close.  The cigar is firm with no soft spots and the cap is attached well and doesn’t begin to unravel when cut.  Also, the shape of the torpedo is well defined giving another indication of good construction.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): The smell of the unlit tobacco is pleasantly woody with some spice noticeable and reminds me of freshly cut cedar or grated nutmeg.  The pre-light draw is leathery and sweet and I definitely taste the spice in the wrapper.  The first draw to midway through the cigar shows the flavors that the nose promised with lots of leather, a bit of coffee, and some nutty flavors for balance.  Once the midway point is reached this cigar lives up to its name and begins to forcefully state its case showing amped up power and a smoky, toasted flavor of scotch. All of the flavors continue to the end with a touch of salt to finish.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): Based on the construction I expected this cigar to have a decent burn and I was right.  An easy draw made for an even light and the stick burned fairly evenly all the way down without any touch-ups.  The ash is a mid-grey and holds without issue to over an inch.  I smoked this cigar down to my fingertips while playing chess, dominoes, and eating dinner so I’m confident the ash could survive golfing or the drive home easily.

Overall (23/25): This cigar delivers balanced flavors and wham-bam! power on the back end.  For the blend, the approach taken was for a full bodied everyday smoke for the experienced smoker that would not get boring.  For this purpose a SECOND ligero is added only in the back half of the cigar (that’s where the scotch taste comes from) and helps to explain why the power can be a little unrestrained at times.  The philosophy of the manufacturer is to engineer flavor changes during the smoke to keep us “who-have-smoked-it-all-before” happy.  I think it works and for the money is a bargain.

Rating: 89
Price: $6.99