Cigar Review: Siglo Limited Reserve VI

Siglo Limited Reserve

Siglo Limited Reserve VI

I got my hands on a pre-release of the newest cigar from Altadis USA which is a rip off of a Cuban line by Cohiba in name. The Siglo Limited Reserve is billed as an exceptional Nicaraguan cigar, handcrafted under the guidance of of celebrated master blender Frank Llaneza. The release goes on to state the cigars bold flavor is derived from the finest Broadleaf binder and hand selected Dominican and Nicaraguan log filler tobaccos and is highlighted by a robust Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper.

The Siglo Limited Reserve is available in ten sizes and have a MSRP of $4.00 to $7.50. They should start appearing in cigar shops sometime in late April or early May. According to the local rep they are being made in limited numbers and they might be a little difficult to find when they first begin to trickle out to cigar shops around the country.

Cigar: Siglo Limited Reserve
6 x 54 (Siglo VI)
Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cubano
Binder: Broadleaf (Nicaragua)
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaraguan

Appearance and Construction (15/20): The rip off of the Cuban cigar with the same name is evident in the packaging of the cigar. The VI comes in a tubo or in cello which is identical to the Cohiba brand. I am surprised that General which owns the Cohiba name is the United States has not yet launched a lawsuit to stop the cigar from being released. The band is similar to the Cuban counterpart with colors of gold, yellow, white and black. The wrapper has quite a few veins some of which stick out significantly above the cigar. The roll of the cigar has some gaps in it which make it look a tad bit amateurish. The cigar itself has a nice weight to it, and the foot is very well packed however, there are some stems visible. The cap of the cigar is a double cap, and upon cutting it with my Xikar scissor a significant number of stems are clearly visible as well.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): Prior to lighting it I was somewhat intrigued by the notes on the prelight draw which was a very distinct anise.. Upon lighting the cigar there are notes of pepper on the tongue and through the nose that fade giving the cigar a Pepin-esque feel to it. As we continue through the first third of the cigar there are notes of wood and anise that compliment the tobacco flavors.  The second third of the cigar the notes of anise begin to really shine on this surprisingly good stick and they are joined by some oak undertones. The final third gets a little bit bitter with some notes of spices, wood and leather.

Burn/Ash/Draw (25/25): The burn of the cigar is crisp, clean and very straight which is a definite plus, The ash is a nice and tight to the point where you can see the outlines of the veins and is medium gray in color. The ash also held strong through each quarter and I only lost the ash when I chose to do so.  The draw was perfect and I never needed to relight the cigar.

Overall (23/25): The local rep told me that this cigar was being compared to the Tatuaje and I told her to compare an Altadis USA product to something by Pete Johnson was an insult to him. I have seen some people on some of the cigar boards say this cigar compares to a Cuban and it is evident they were swayed by the power of suggestion with the cigars name. What you get with this smoke is a cigar that is very different than anything else produced by Altadis and the price point is right making the cigar well worth the purchase.

Rating: 90
Price: $6.00 MSRP

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  • Se7en_Vandalay

    Awesome review. Aside from the abundant stems and cocky sales rep, sounds like this is one to definitely watch for. I’m intrigued by the anise. Don’t recall if I’ve encountered that flavor much. Thanks Barry.

  • Brent

    These are now available, i pick one up todaay.

  • BradinBuffalo

    having one right now, while it is a pretty decent stick its no Tatuaje….

  • Barry

    I couldn’t agree more with Brad. It was an insult that the rep would compare this cigar to something by the great Pete Johson

  • mugzy

    Pickedup a Siglo II a few days ago. Wish I could let it age howevr because it looks so much like a Cohiba I was for some unknown reason compeled to smoke it ASAP. I must say this is a very good cigar. Realy nice white ash and nice even burn. Not too strong either……. Im looking for a place to order a box right now.

  • jbros

    Hey, it’s the marketplace pete’s the target and I think Altadis is right to target that profile for production of this series of new cigars including the Troya. Who do you think pete had for a target when he started making cigars. Get over it!!!
    BTW Mr. Frank Llaneza who pre-dates all these guys and was key to maintaining the cigar market after the Cuban screw-up is behind these blends and @ 80+ years youngs know his business. Finally I think he is taking the time to blend some “personal taste” cigars. Altadis owns it to him

  • Frank

    An insult to Pete Johnson to compare another premium cigar to his? A cigar that the reviewer rated a “90″. What is he your boyfriend? Man up, girls.

  • Barry


    The rep should of never compared this cigar to a Tatuaje cigar especially when Altadis sued Pete. Are they trying to steal from him? Imagine if a Fuente sales person tried to compare there cigars to Ashton?

    Products should stand alone.

  • Sticks

    Jbros knows his cigar history. Frank L. is one of the great pioneers and knows tobacco better than most of these youngters. I am looking forward to getting a few Siglo’s because of who the blender is.

  • Ivan

    Great Review! I had one of these at my local B&M. I felt that it had a sweet licorice flavor,even burn and a very tight ash. The draw was a bit tight for my liking and the smoke that it gave off from the foot was limited.

  • satvinder

    where can i buy the cohiba limited reserve 6. please advise. do they come in box of 10 15 or 25.

  • http://cigarsmokersjournal johnny v

    I thought it was a pretty good smoke. I also think that Frank Llaneza is a bit of a pioneer in his own right. Who cares if the rep compared to Pete Johnson. Let the smokers decide.

  • Bob X

    Smoking one now, good review. No Cohiba, but excellent draw, subtle hints of several flavors. Good price. Would recommend it.

  • JD45

    I think certain things people read make people feel a certain way about something. I have a humidor full of cohibas, trinidads, Monte cristos etc., my latest favorite being the behike bhk 54, I have to say I’m really enjoying this siglo limited reserve. I’m getting some mild pepper notes with some wood and roasty tobacco flavors. I love a good cigar accompanied by a great wine or cognac and even though I would take a Cohiba over the siglo, this will definatley be my back up. I would give this cigar an 89 out of 100. It’s a good smoke with a great price tag

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