Cigar Review: Padilla Habano Burberry

Padilla Habano Burberry

Padilla Habano Burberry

I was recently gifted this cigar by someone in the industry who rather I didn’t name him so he wouldn’t be flooded with requests for this cigar. The Padilla Burberry started when Ernesto Padilla was asked at an event to make something special, and the result is this cigar. The Burberry is sold via Cigar International in 5 packs and is a regular on the devil site, aka Cigarcyclopedia has a great article on the cigar.

Cigar: Padilla Habano Burberry
5.75 x 54
Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: 3 Types of Habano Wrapper
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Appearance and Construction (20/20): This cigar is simply incredible to look at and I am actually having a hard time bringing myself to smoke it. The design pattern is simply a sight to behold. The cigar looks like an argyle sweater and is rolled to perfection. The wrapper has some veins but nothing out of the ordinary and there are no soft spots what so ever in this well packed stick.

Flavor & Notes (26/30): After cutting it with my Xikar scissors the prelight draw revealed notes of dry grass which always makes me cringe because the cigar will be either hit or miss with no in between.  The first third of this smoke was interesting. Until I got past the nipple of the perfecto there was absolutely no flavor. But when the flavor kicked in there were some incredibly defined notes of apples with a touch of cinnamon toast. As we approach the second third of the smoke notes of apple remain but slowly begin to fade as earth begins to emerge with some pepper. The final third of the cigar the notes of earth remain with some wood notes.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): I am totally shocked and impressed that the burn on this cigar was straight. With 3 different wrappers  I expected the burn to be all over the place. The ash was a light gray and it held on extremely well. The draw was a bit of a let down as it was tough until the half way point when it totally opened up.

Overall (21/25): The cigar looks like something you should never smoke and because of that I figured this cigar might be a dud. But in the end it was two different smokes. The first third was amongst the best tasting cigars I have ever had while the remaining of the cigar screamed “I need aging!”. I’ll be curious to see how this cigar is in 6 months time.

Rating: 89
Price: 5 for $35.00

[If this cigar maintained its early flavor profile it would of finished in the top 10 cigars I ever smoked.]