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Cigar Review: CAO MX3

These cigars have been on my list to try since I first heard them mentioned on twitter and having just received them from W Curtis Draper in Washington DC I couldn’t wait to smoke one. Normally I smoke 2 cigars or 3 cigars before I write a review here on my site. But with this [...]

Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 4

I didn’t know what to smoke today so I asked my friend what one of the top sellers in his cigar store is and he told me the La Gloria Cubana No. 7 Maduro. Not wanting to smoke a large cigar in the heat today I opted for the smaller size of the No. 4. [...]

Sunday Links & Question!

Summer is here… This past week it reached 100 degrees in Los Angeles and today in NYC it will be 92 degrees. I don’t know about my readers but in the summer I tend to smoke cigars that are more mild. The strength of a cigar to me just makes the heat that much more [...]

Cigar Review: G.A.R. Vanguard

About 10 days back or so I reviewed the G.A.R. Lux which was a bundle cigar from George A Rico. When I received that cigar I also received today’s smoke from the local rep while I was at Barrister Cigars in New Jersey. As I said in my last G.A.R. review I am a huge [...]

Cigar Review: Esteban Carreras 10 Anos

Yet another story with a Philadelphia connection. Once a month I find myself in the city of brotherly love and one of our stops is the twin shoppe on 10th and Tasker. Our last visit down there, they had today’s cigar on the shelf. I originally passed on it for some reason, but when my [...]

Cigar Review: CAO Brazilia Box Press

This week has been hectic for me. I meant to post this review on Tuesday but the job that pays my bills got in the way. Today’s review is of the CAO Brazilia Box Press and you can win a 5 pack of cigars by answering the question at the end of the review. By [...]

Sunday Links

The New Yankee Stadium. It is a 1.1 billion dollar bust. in 3 home games there have been 17 home runs which is absolutely ludicrous. I find it hard to believe the engineers did not realize they created a wind tunnel to right field. Yesterday’s 22-4 loss to the Cleveland Indians would of made no [...]

Cigar Review: 601 Oscuro La Punta (Green Label)

My first experience with the 601 brand of cigars was at my friends shop in New Jersey, and it wasn’t a good one. In fact I didn’t get to smoke them due to the fact their was an issue with beetles. It goes with out saying my friend was not happy with the situation and [...]

Cigar Review: Por Larranaga Cabinet Selection

I’ve been smoking a pretty long time, and I consider myself an aficionado for the last 3 years of my smoking life. However, it wasn’t until a trip to Philadelphia a couple of months back did I learn about the Cabinet Selection series. These Altadis cigars were pretty much in every cigar shop down there. [...]

Cigar Review: Cameroon Especial

Over the weekend I ran into the very pretty local Rocky Patel rep and with the grace of my local brick & mortar she gifted me with a a Cameroon Especial which is a bundle smoke produced by Rocky Patel. Having never heard of it, I was eager to try it and share my thoughts [...]

Sunday Links

Happy Easter everyone, and Happy Passover. In New York cigar smokers have been crucified by big government. Just 12 days into the month and we have been hit with a 42 cent S-CHIP federal cigar tax as well as an increase in the state cigar tax from 37% to 46%. A Cigar that cost 10.00 [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Cojonu 2009

Christmas came in April for me this year. Peter Cottontail played the roll of Santa Claus and delivered to me 2 boxes of the new Tatuaje Cojonu 2009 cigars. Released in a new size every three years, the 2009 follows the 2003 and the 2006. Every cigar is made from first generation Cuban seed. I’ve [...]

Cigar Review: G.A.R. Lux

Back in the days of the old Cigar Live, I was introduced to a cigar by the brotherhood that made up the user base. The cigar was simply called G.A.R. and it was very well liked by me and a few friends. Yesterday I found out that George A Rico has a couple of new [...]

Cigar Review: Casa Royale Aristocrat

On one of the cigar boards I saw that someone mentioned the Casa Royale cigar as having the same wrapper as the Tatuaje Black so a quick search of the internet and I found that these cigars were available at Holts and the decription on the site were enough to pique my interest. The Holts [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Verocu No. 9

One of the cigars I picked up while I was in Philadelphia last week was this Holt’s Exclusive. I was shocked to see how many cigars on the shelf in this gorgeous shop were made only for Holt’s. Being the Pete Johnson whore that I am, I grabbed a handful of them. Having smoked a [...]

Sunday Links

April is here, and baseball is around the corner. This week I will be mailing a couple of cigars to The World According to Stew as we renew our friendly wagers on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. It may also mark the first time we do a video review here on This past week we [...]

New York State To Raise Cigar Taxes

We need to act immediately! Please call or email a senator we literally only have moments left! Everything done behind closed doors, and passed the vote. Facing increase to 46% tobacco tax, and a potential crippling floor tax on current inventories at retailers. Thomas duane 212 633 8052, 518-455-2451 liz krueger 212 490 9535 [...]

Cigar Review: AVO Companero 2009 LE

I spent yesterday in the city of Brotherly Love, and I walked the streets of Philadelphia. One of my stops was at Holts before heading upstairs to Mahogany. Mahogany is a cigar bar located upstairs from Holts where you can sit in the lounge, the bar or at a table and enjoy your smoke while [...]

Cigar Review: Opus X Petit Lancero

It’s that time of year again where the Opux X and Anejo Cigars from Arturo Fuente begin to hit the shelves. These cigars are released a few times a year in very limited numbers and I always question myself asking if these cigars were on the shelf all year long would I still be ga-ga [...]

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