Cigar Review: Por Larranaga Cabinet Selection

Por Larranaga Cabinet Selection

Por Larranaga Cabinet Selection

I’ve been smoking a pretty long time, and I consider myself an aficionado for the last 3 years of my smoking life. However, it wasn’t until a trip to Philadelphia a couple of months back did I learn about the Cabinet Selection series. These Altadis cigars were pretty much in every cigar shop down there. My first sampling was of the Montecristo, and this past trip I saw todays cigar in Holt’s.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have become a cigar snob and while being a member of the Altadis VIP program I try to stay clear of cigars made by them and General. The reason being is I find the cigars to be a little too generic for my liking. These Cabinet Selection cigars have changed my mind big time and I have become a fan.

Altadis USA describes the Cabinet Selection line as follows;

Smoking the perfect cigar is the dream of every cigar lover. Now an extraordinary experience is yours to savor and enjoy. Introducing Cabinet Selección. Rare and exclusive tobacco blends from Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann and Por Larrañaga, the world’s most legendary and revered cigar brands. Cabinet Selección is available in a very special limited edition.

Cabinet Selección is exquisitely crafted with loving hands by the world’s most accomplished master artisans. Each cigar is impeccably constructed from specially selected, perfectly aged tobaccos of exceptional pedigree. Each Cabinet Selección is an intricate, singular blend of the most compelling character and nature, with a superb draw, luxuriant flavor and unmistakable individuality. This incomparable collection elicits anticipation among connoisseurs of an experience that promises to fulfill one’s every desire in a cigar.

When you indulge in the luxury of a Cabinet Selección, you are in the rarified company of those discerning cigar connoisseurs who want to experience a true masterpiece of complexity and unparalleled sophistication.”

Cigar: Por Larranga
6 x 56 (Toro)
Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Habano 2000
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance and Construction (18/20): This cigar features a golden blonde colored wrapper with a well constructed triple cap. There are a significant amount of veins visible on the wrapper, but they all line up perfectly within the roll of the cigar. The cigar is extremely well packed, and features no soft spots. This is a classy looking cigar right down to its simple band that screams elegance.

Flavor & Notes (30/30): To be honest I am not sure why I bother with the prelight ritual most anymore as many times the notes I get here show up nowhere within the cigar. Being a creature of habit I managed to pick up some notes of anise on the draw and at the foot. The first third of the cigar there is a note trying to emerge but I am not able to place my finger on it. There is also a saltiness on the wrapper, and a touch of earth. As we reach the second third of the cigar the note I have yet to identify is easily placed as licorice with some coffee notes. As we finish up the 2nd third and cross over into the final third the notes of licorice as in your face and extremely enjoyable right through the finish.

Burn/Ash/Draw (19/25): The cigar had an uneven burn in the first third that needed to be touched up and the gray ash had a slight amount of flake to it. I can’t speak for everyone, but I like my cigars to have a slight resistance to them, and this cigar was the perfection description of that. My biggest pet peeve is having to touch up a cigar, and the score is refected for that.

Overall (23/25): This cigar is ideal for those who like a mild cigar, or looking for a nice morning smoke. All the cigars I smoked were consistent all the way through. The flavor profile of the cigar is a home run and it was an extremely enjoyable way to start my morning. In fact after a stressed filled day, just writing up this review takes me back to this most enjoyable experience. I do however have to deduct points for it not being available as a mail order smoke.

Have a favorite cigar to start off the morning? Leave a comment and let me know what it is!

Rating: 90
Price: Don’t Recall.

The cigar smoking experience:






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  • Stew

    Great review! Right on the money with your scores!

  • Jerry @ The Stogie Review

    A perfect score 30/30 for flavor? Seriously? Now I’m gonna have to try myself.

    Thanks for the review…let me know if you ever remember the pricing LOL.

  • Hugh

    Why would you take points off for it not being a mail ordered smoke? The back bone of the cigar industry are cigar stores. Mail order and taxes will be the killer of cigar stores across the nation. I go to my local cigar store daily, I have meet a lot friends through there. If it wasn’t for my local cigar store I would probably never have started smoking cigars.

  • Se7en_Vandalay

    Great review Barry. I am a fan of licorice/anise notes. And like Jerry commented, with a perfect falvor score this has to move up the list on smokes to try.

    Hugh – FYI you can mail order from B&M’s. If you follow Barry, you know he’s a HUGE supporter of his local B&M’s as well as many which aren’t local. And we all understand the importance of supporting them. But in my case, I’m in CO and don’t have a B&M that carries some of the smokes that I want. What do I do? First try to find a B&M that does and order through them. If not then I go to a Big Box cigar retailer. But we all do our part to support our local shops.

  • Hugh

    What I dont understand is why it would take points off his review of the cigar. whether you can order it through mail order or just B&M stores I just think it should not reflect on the score of a cigar.

  • Barry

    2 points… 1st point.

    I deducted points for it not being a mail order cigar for the simple fact not many B&Ms sell these smokes. I’ve searched high and low for them in the NY/NJ area and I have struck out. I am sure other places sell them, but so far I have only found them at Black Cat Cigar Co in Philadelphia, and Holt’s in Philadelphia.

    My friend who has a B&M was told he can not carry these smokes because he does not carry enought Altadis products. Making this an elusive cigar to track down. For me that is worth a deduction. Having to drive to Philadelphia for the cigar makes it difficult for the cigar smoker to enjoy them.

    I live in NY State where our tobacco tax just went up to 46% plus the SCHIP. I still do 90% of my cigar purchases in NY and NJ (30%).

    The review should of read due to limited availability

    Point #2

    I gave the flavor of this cigar a 30/30 due to the fact that these notes work for me. Flavor/Notes is the only catagory in my eyes that is user specific. For me if is perfect, if you hate licorice it is a 0/30.

  • Hugh

    Thanks for clarifying for me your take on the whole mail order and B&M issue. I love your reviews and you have some of the best reviews on the web. BTW I hate licorice :)

    My local store does carry these along with the montecristo, h. upmann, and romeo cabinet seleccion. I have only smoked the h. upmann and found that one to be very very mild but with a nice flavor. I think all of these cigars just smell amazing.

  • Barry

    I believe all the cabinet cigars are mild, and that the review has to be taken in context. I was looking for a mild smoke, so it hit the spot.

    One final note, Price effects the overall section at times, and I felt availability should be taken into consideration.

    Hugh, I thank you for your kind words, comments and continued support.

  • matt m

    Not to beat a dead horse but I did want to note that i came across this yesterday in regard to this cigar.

    Matt M.

  • Fuzu

    Ooh shoot i just wrote a big comment and as soon as i hit reply it come up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  • Arnita Markiewicz

    Pretty nice blog. I just stumbled upon your web site and wanted to point out that I have liked reading your blog articles. I’ll sign up to your feed and I hope you publish another post again soon!

  • Bob

    I am also a big fan of Por Larranaga Cabinet Selection – I found some at The Tobacco Shop In Ridgewood, N.J. (201) 447-2204. Give them a call to see if they are still in stock.

  • Jared Berel

    You should check out the cuban version at my go to everyday cigar.Truely cost effective and agreat cigar….

    Peacefull puffing my freinds!!!

  • Lloyd M.
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