Sunday Links & Question!

Sunday LinksSummer is here… This past week it reached 100 degrees in Los Angeles and today in NYC it will be 92 degrees. I don’t know about my readers but in the summer I tend to smoke cigars that are more mild. The strength of a cigar to me just makes the heat that much more worse. With that said and done I have a La Gloria Cubana Series R No. 4 Maduro ready to go when this posting is done…

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The Sunday Links:

Cigar Choice has a quick smoke review of the Esteban Carerra Habansos Maduro Robusto.

Leaf And Grape visits one of my favorite smokes in the El Triunfador Lancero.

Toms Cigars has a review of the Punch Corojo 2009.

Every Sunday I’ll ask a question and this week…

Does the hot weather change your choice when it comes to the strength of the cigar you smoke?