Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary

Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversay

Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversay

I am not sure where I first came across Nestor Miranda cigars, but it was the lancero of the special selection line that made me a fan. So when I found out they were being re-blended by both Nestor Miranda and Pepin Garcia I was a little bit worried because the cigar was a good smoke and the price was right. I picked this cigar up the other night at Cigar Inn in NYC while I was waiting for Tony from The cigar comes as a Habano Rosada, and a Habano Oscuro each of which are limited to 1,000 boxes. The cigars are blended by Pepin & Miranda.

Cigar: Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary Selection
7 x 56
Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (20/20): When I picked these up the other night my buddy Joe and I both made comments about the construction of the cigar. It is virtually impossible to find the lines of the roll. The cigar has a slight pigtail triple cap and minimal veins. The cigar sports a little but of tooth and has no soft spots at all. This cigar is one well produced stick. The band is similar to the Nestor Miranda Special Collection and makes note of it being the Miami Cigar Co. 20th Anniversary.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): Typical of cigar blended by Pepin Garcia it starts off with notes of pepper, that remain slightly longer then most of his stick. Despite being a fan of a little bit of pepper in my cigars the true complexity of the smoke is not realized til the pepper begins to fade. The cigar offers notes of wood and bread during the first third with a touch of spices. As we breech the second third of the stick the spices really began to take hold while the wood and bread notes come and go. The final third of the cigar  is a mixture of leather and spice with the occasional wood note.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): The burn of the cigar is uneven at times, and while it looks like a canoe might form it never gets out of hand and it corrects itself from time to time. The ash of the cigar is king here, as the 56 ring gauge holds on very strong with a night white ash. The draw of the smoke is flawless.

Overall (23/25): Kudos to Miami Cigar Company for making the a Brick and Mortar only cigar. As many of you know I am a fan of the Brick & Mortar and I rather pay a little more to support the little guy. I will go out of my way to buy these cigars and that can only help the independent retailer. Once inside a shop you tend to buy 1 of these, 2 of those, 5 of them. As far as the cigar, I am a fan of Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars and this cigar is a great stick. It will be a sad day when they are no longer available.

Rating: 94
Price: $10.00