Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

I had plans to review another cigar today but I took the wrong notes with me to write up the review. So today we have another Alec Bradley, the Tempus Magistri which is a limited edition figurado cigar.

Cigar: Alec Bradley
Size: 6.5 x 53 (Figurado)
Wrapper: Honduran Criollo 98
Binder: Indonesia Embetunda
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (20/20): The Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri is one of the best looking figurado smokes I have ever seen. The wrapper is flawless and the roll is seamless. On the shelf this criollo cigar stands out with its intricate cigar band of gold, gray and purple. It also has a secondary band denoting it is the tempus line. The wrapper has some oils and crystalization on it that lets you know it will be tasty.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): On the prelight draw there are notes that are similar to black cherry and citrus. As we begin to the smoke the cigar notes of dark chocolate begin to emerge with some wood in the background. As we aproach the second third of the cigar notes of licorice begin to take hold of the cigar with notes of chocolate remaining in the background. The final third of the cigar the chocolate slowly begins to fade to nothes of leather.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): The burn of the cigar is flawless as it burns even throughout from start to finish. Like most figurado cigars the ash does not hold on at all, as you get into the thicker ring gauge of the smoke the ash holds well. The draw of the cigar is a tad loose but nothing really worth complaining about.

Overall (22/25): The magistri smokes different then the other sizes of the tempus. Despite having the same tobacco the cigar seems to be more diverse. While I wish the prelight notes made it into the cigar this limited edition cigar deserves a box purchase if you enjoy the tempus.

Rating: 91
Price: $10.00