Cigar Review: Camacho Liberty 2009

Camacho Liberty 2009

Camacho Liberty 2009

It’s that time of year again. Camacho has released the Liberty 2009 edition this past week and once again the cigar is limited to a production of 40,000. I picked up a couple from a cigar shop I used to refer as my home shop. Despite a difference of opinion on customer service I still picked these up to support the clerk who happened to be working that night. That clerk obviously didn’t get the memo and he bent over backwards to make us and those who entered the shop feel welcomed regardless of who they were.

These cigars were rolled in October 2007 with a one time only crop of Habano tobacco. The seed has not been grown since, and yielded enough tobacco for a one time production of the Liberty 2009. Each cigar is wrapped in tissue paper in it’s own coffin. I picked up 2 cigars both to smoke for review and read on to see if I plan to put some away for the future.

Cigar: Camacho Liberty 2009
Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Strength: Full

Appearance and Construction (17/20): A gorgeously packaged cigar in a black and gold coffin the Camacho Liberty 2009 is a work of art. Once out of the coffin you are treated to very rich looking cigar. The wrapper is similar to chocolate in color and despite having a couple of significant veins the cigar is a vision of beauty. The cigar has some crystals on it as well as some magnesium spots that let you know before anything it will be a great smoke. The cigar has a few soft spots and is a little bit light in the hands so I hope it won’t smoke to fast.

Flavor & Notes (29/30): Prior to lighting up this cigar the prelight draw is of cedar and spices. The same can be said for the foot of the cigar.  The first third of the smoke has notes of cedar, but there is also a nice rich tobacco taste. The Camacho Liberty 2009 is a very smooth cigar and as we enter the 2nd third of the cigar the cigar picks up a very distinct coffee notes with some nuts. The nuts remind me of a nice almond paste that is out of this world. The cigar also begins to pick up in strength at this point so be sure to have a beverage available. The final third is a culmination of a great cigar. The notes of spices, cedar, coffee and nuts are all there on this wonderful stick.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): The cigar burns pretty straight for the first half of the cigar, but as we approach the middle of the cigar it needed to be touched up as it burned a little bit uneven. The ash is incredibly tight and very light in color. The ash held on for half the cigar before I lost it. The draw is a little loose and because of this it smoked a little fast for me.

Overall (24/25): This cigar has me torn. I know that it is a better cigar from a purists view then the 2008 Liberty. However if I personally was given the choice I rather have that version over the 2009. The barber pole version of 2008 had an incredible sweetness to it that did it for me. With that out of the way though, the 2009 is a total winner and I will put a few on the side in my humidor next to the prior versions that I have. I know this comes off as conflicting, but the 2009 is a winner.

Rating: 93
Price: $17.99 (in NJ)

Want some Camacho Liberty 2008 cigars? Check Out Corona Cigar Company. They have a 5 pack of 2008 Liberty for $90.00.

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